Matériel Litter-Robot 3 Open Air DFI (v2)

WhiskerUGS :RB-Ltr-176
Numéro du fabricant: LR3CB-DFI-BULK-V2

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  • Matériel Litter-Robot 3 Open Air DFI (v2)
  • Matériel DFI de remplacement pour votre Litter-Robot 3
  • Compatible avec Litter-Robot 3 uniquement
  • Remarque : épingles anti-pincement non inclus

Le Matériel Litter-Robot 3 Open Air DFI (v2) est un matériel DFI de remplacement pour votre Litter-Robot 3. Il est compatible avec Litter-Robot 3 uniquement.

  • 1 x matériel Litter-Robot 3 Open Air DFI (v2)
  • Compatible avec Litter-Robot 3 uniquement

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
It works again!

With the help of the support team we figured out that this was the part we needed. We ordered it and received it in a timely manner. Installed it with a shared YouTube video and it works again! Thanks for your help.

Jim Steinhauer
Inexpensive, OEM Drawer Full Indicator (DFI) assembly - perfect for Model 3

After spending about 15 minutes trying to repair a persistent blue light flashing (DFI error), the last recourse was to purchase this kit. I had the original sensor assembly which had a much wider circuit board emitter with emitter IR leds spaced about 1" apart (total of 4), and a matching receiver assembly that received the emitter led signal pulses. If one of the emitters or the matching receiver sensors fail, the circuit doesn't trigger and the programming assumes blockage from waste, even though the drawer is empty. No matter what you do, the blue light will continue to flash and the unit 3 will not cycle. I purchased this replacement and after following the excellent video instructions (there are multiple YouTube videos on this), this upgraded sensor replacement has restored operation to normal factory performance. There are very specific orientations of all pieces and layout of the circuit connecting ribbon and connectors: I recommend taking pictures of your original layout before you start ripping stuff out. Even simple stuff like reinstalling the motor correctly, tightening the motor cog with an Allen wrench, and re-installing the touch panel so that the magnetic switches work correctly against the circuit board when fully reassembled, need care and time with lots of pictures, or expect to spend much longer trying to figure out why things don't work. Also, dont overlook the pinch sensor contacts - clean them with and test (this kit doesn't contain new ones)

The one
Résolu la lumière bleue de la mort

Assez facile à changer

The one
Solved the blue light of death

Fairly easy to change

Estimation des frais de port

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