Affichage LCD Tactile 7" Nextion HMI

NextionUGS :RB-Ite-168
Numéro du fabricant: IM150416007

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  • Résolution de 800 x 480
  • 65 K de vraies couleurs RVB
  • Écran TFT avec panneau tactile résistif à 4 fils intégré
  • Interface facile à 4 broches pour tout hôte série TTL

L'Affichage LCD Tactile 7" Nextion HMI est une solution de module écran LCD homogène à Interface homme-machine (IHM) qui fournit une interface de commande et de visualisation pour tout kit Arduino et Raspberry Pi. Nextion s'implique principalement dans l'IdO ou le domaine de l'électronique grand-public. C'est la meilleur solution pour remplacer les tubes Nixie à DEL et LCD traditionnels, et c'est le meilleur module d'affichage intelligent du marché.

Affichage LCD Tactile 7" Nextion HMI

Affichage LCD Tactile 7" Nextion HMI

L'Affichage LCD Tactile 7" Nextion HMI est une solution d'interface homme-machine (IHM) homogène qui fournit une interface de commande et de visualisation entre un humain et un processus, machine, application ou appareil. C'est la meilleur solution pour remplacer les tubes Nixie à DEL et LCD traditionnels.

  • Modèle : IM150416007
  • Dimensions d'affichage : 7,0”
  • Résolution d'affichage : 800 x 480
  • Interface d'affichage : sérielle
  • Contrôleur d'affichage : non
  • Extension :
  • socle pour carte SD
  • Écran tactile
  • Dimensions de la carte : 181 x 108 mm
  • Poids : 337 g
  • Interface d'affichage TFT : N/C

Affichage LCD Tactile 7

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
7" "Basic" version

While waiting for 2, 7" Enhanced screens to be delivered, I figured I'd buy one of these, even thought it's "Basic." I want to get started on my project that requires the speed of the Enhanced screen. First, as usual, RobotShop got it shipped and delivered FAST!!!! Even during Covid, the speed is impressive. (just 2-3 days or so). When I first connected the screen, it did startle me because the LED lighting was flickering and the Demo would reboot the screen over and over. I thought for sure that I got a dud screen. But then, I realized 2 things. 1) I needed to provide the screen 5V at 450mA. I was only supplying around 100mA. Thus, flickering and resetting. Then, I threw together a quick test with the Nextion Editor with a full screen, very colorful picture, some animated pictures, 2 buttons, a progress bar, a bunch of larger-profile fonts (just to take up memory) and some other elements. When I sent this test to the display, using Nextion editor 0.53! (not 0.58 which is super buggy), the display went through a firmware update! THIS IS GOOD! Since then, the screen has been running 24/7 under test and has had zero problems. I really REALLY love these screens. So easy to use. Oh and for those of you who also love these screens but are burdened by the HUGE Nextion Library files, you can FULLY use these screens WITHOUT A LIBRARY! Just search YouTube for Nextion without library. You should find some seriously amazing tutorials by Cheap Controls. This man shows you how to do everything without libraries. Not only do you save tons of memory but it's much more efficient and faster to send/receive to the Nextion. Hope that helps.

Good service, fast shipping

The 2 Nextion displays arrived in good conditions those were well packaged, the shipping was fast. The displays allows to make fast developments, recommended!

The order was processed quickly and efficiently

The notifications and process was seamless and helpful

La commande a été traitée rapidement et efficacement

Les notifications et le processus étaient transparents et utiles

Great Product, Good Service

Both displays arrived in very good conditions, the service was good, those are very useful for make fast HMI, I'm using those for several projects and works fine! Recommended!

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