57mm Brushless DC Motor w/ Driver Kits, 24V, 125W

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  • Offers a variety of speed control and torque output options
  • Provides excellent speed stability
  • Compact design with high power output
  • Features low temperature rise, low noise, and low vibration
  • Boasts long life and low maintenance costs

The 57mm Brushless DC Motor w/ Driver Kits, 24V, 125W is a synchronous electric motor which is powered by direct current electricity (DC) and which has an electronically controlled commutation system, instead of a mechanical commutation system based on brushes. In such motors, current and torque, voltage and rotations per minute (RPM) are linearly correlated.

Motor Highlights:

- Round shape

- 3 phases

- Hall sensors

- 4 poles, Bonded Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) Magnets

We supply a driver together with the BLDC motor, making it convenient for you to use.

Motor: 57 mm diameter, 106.5 mm length

Motor mounting frame: 56.4 mm side length

Shaft: 8 mm diameter, 22 mm length

Driver: 96 mm length, 60 mm width, 25 mm height

Model: 57BLY120

Phase: 3

Poles: 4

Rated Voltage: 24V

Rated Speed: 3000 � 10% RPM

Rated Torque: 0.44 N.m

Rated Current: 5 � 10% A

Rated Power: 125 Watts

Insulation Class: Class B

Insulation Resistance: 100 Mohms Minimum @500 VDC

Dielectric Strength Test: 500 VAC for 1 Minute

Driver Specifications:

1. Equipped with an internal speed regulating potentiometer; rotate the knob to adjust the speed.

2. Features overheat, overcurrent and undervoltage protection.

3. Motor rotation can be adjusted for clockwise/counterclockwise.

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