Business Opportunities

A partnership with RobotShop interests you? RobotShop has different business opportunities to suit your needs.

Whether you are a vendor, a manufacturer or a distributor, you choose the best approach to help grow your business!

Become a Marketplace Vendor

The simplest and easiest way to scale your business quickly is with the RobotShop Marketplace:

  • Benefit from the visibility and traffic on the RobotShop website on all products you list
  • Sell Globally to 200+ countries using one platform and reach millions of potential customers
  • RobotShop handles all transactions, fraud checks, etc. and pays you a commission
  • You handle shipping, returns and higher level technical support. In other words, you keep complete control of your customer service.

Promote More. Sell More. With no Hidden Fees.

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Partner with RobotShop

Looking for Other Distribution Options? Cannot ship products internationally yourself? RobotShop has different distribution options available. With worldwide distribution networks and facilities across the globe, RobotShop excels in distribution optimization and logistics.

Other benefits & Advantages:

  • Search Engine Optimization; Web searches always lead to RobotShop.
  • Product descriptions are translated in multiple languages for even more visibility.
  • Established relationships, based on mutual trust and respect, with the leaders in the industry; Makeblock, Garmin, Automated Pet Care, Hasbro & Arduino just to name a few.
  • Multilingual customer service to provide exceptional sales support.
  • Each manufacturer has their own page where all their products are displayed in their respective categories for unsurpassed visibility.
  • And much more…

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Why Choose RobotShop? 

Your products and brands will gain significant visibility worldwide in multiple markets, including:

  • Hobbyist and custom robot developers: a large segment of our customers are always looking for innovative products such as yours.
  • Research and Development Organizations: Professionals and engineers alike prefer to purchase all their parts from one location.
  • Government and Military: with specialized support for government institutions and private or confidential projects, RobotShop is the place to contact for support and confidentiality.
  • Designers and Manufacturers: many of our products are sold to manufacturers to be used in their products or their production process. When a part is successful in a company’s prototype, the company often seeks out tiered pricing which RobotShop offers.
  • Education and Competitions: RobotShop's established customers include all levels of education as well as student competitions.

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