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  • Accuracy: 3cm in real-time processing, up to 1cm in post-processing accuracy. (Standard 2cm relative, 5cm absolute)
  • Battery Equipped: Capable of continuous data acquisition for 1.5 hours.
  • GCP: By placing SLAM2000 on the ground, Ground Control Points (GCPs) are automatically registered in post-processing.
  • Dual 12MP Cameras: Acquires point clouds while simultaneously capturing images for coloring or obtaining panoramic photos.
  • SLAM GO App: Real-time point cloud capture display through an app for Android or iPhone.

Handheld laser scanner. Anyone can operate it simply by walking. A real-time point cloud data processing system. Features 360° panorama rotation, suitable for indoors, outdoors, forests, underground malls, and valleys between buildings, with a maximum measurement distance of 70m around, real-time processing accuracy of 3cm, and post-processing measurement accuracy up to 1cm.

The SLAM100, another product, was the first handheld portable LiDAR scanner released by Pegasus Robot Technology. It features a 360° rotating head and can form a point cloud in a 270°×360° range. By combining it with industrial SLAM algorithms, it can acquire high-precision 3D point cloud data of the surroundings even in environments without light or GPS.

Although the scanning speed and distance of SLAM2000 are not as high as those of SLAM100, it has been made capable of real-time processing. It adopts two 12-megapixel cameras, forming an ultra-wide field of view of 210°. It can simultaneously acquire texture information under light conditions, generating colored point clouds and partially assembled panoramic images.

General Specifications:

Weight: 925g standalone, 1450 g (including base and handle)

Laser Scanning Field of View (FOV): Panorama 360°

Camera Field of View (FOV): 210° (DIAG)

Real-Time Processing Relative Accuracy: Below 3 cm

Post-Processing Relative Accuracy: Below 2 cm

Absolute Accuracy: Below 5 cm

Storage: 512 GB (built-in SSD)

Power Supply: Replaceable battery or external power source

External Power Supply Voltage: 20-30V

Battery Life: 1.5 hours

Operating Temperature: 10°C - 45°C

Operating Humidity: Relative humidity 85% or less

Sensor Specifications:

Laser Class: 1

Maximum Range: 0.1-70 meters

Laser Pulse Repetition Frequency: 200 kHz (20,000 points per second)

Number of Cameras: 2

Camera Resolution: 12 megapixels

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