Yahboom Rosmaster X3 Plus 6-DOF Robotic Arm with AI Vision and Voice Control, Suitable for Adult DIY Projects (Jetson Nano SUB Board NOT Include)

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  • X3 PLUS based on the Robot Operating System (ROS), without Jetson Nano SUB Board
  • 6 degree of freedom (6DOF) AI vision robotic arm moveIt simulation
  • Supports Jetson NANO 4GB,Orin NX,Orin NANO, and Raspberry Pi 5
  • Quick to assemble and no soldering required
  • 124 video tutorials with Chinese and English subtitles, and codes provided free of charge

The Yahboom Rosmaster X3 PLUS ROS Robot w/ 6 deg of Freedom, AI Vision & Python Programming is an omnidirectional movement robot developed based on the ROS robot operating system. It supports four controllers: Jetson NANO 4GB/Orin NX/Orin NANO and Raspberry Pi 5. It is equipped with high performance hardware configurations such as a lidar, a depth camera, a 6DOF robotic arm, a 520 high power motor, a voice recognition interactive module, and a HD 7 inch display screen. It can realize applications such as APP mapping and navigation, automatic driving, human feature recognition, MoveIt robotic arm simulation control, and multi machine synchronous control. It supports mobile phones, handles, and computer keyboards for remote control. 124 video tutorials with Chinese and English subtitles and codes are provided for free.

[Reasonable Design, Unique Shape]

1. The X3PLUS supports four development boards: Jetson NANO 4GB/Orin NX/Orin NANO/RaspberryPi 5, making it suitable for different users.

2. The whole robot is made of green aluminum alloy material, which is safe, non toxic, beautiful, and durable.

3. The Mecanum wheel and pendulum suspension chassis enable the robot to adapt to uneven ground.

[Top Level Hardware Configuration]

1. YDLIDAR 4ROS high performance lidar: It adopts the TOF ranging method and has an anti glare capability of up to 100Klux, with a scanning radius of up to 30m, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor mapping and navigation.

2. Astra Pro depth camera: You can manually adjust the tilt angle of the camera to achieve depth image data processing, 3D navigation and mapping, and other AI visual functions.

3. 6 DOF bus servo robotic arm: With joint angle readback function and support for MoveIt simulation.

4. Voice interaction module: Using USB serial communication, it can recognize human voice and respond with voice.

5. HD touch 7 inch screen: You can debug the robot, enter the ROS system, and install software without needing a computer.

[ROS Operating System, a Variety of Functions]

1. Using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS +ROS Melodic operating system, Python programming.

2. Mapping navigation, multi point navigation, path planning, obstacle avoidance, and following.

3. RTAB Map 3D visual mapping and navigation, ORBSLAM2+Octomap mapping, depth image data point cloud image.

4. Human feature recognition and interaction, URDF kinematics simulation, garbage identification and sorting, and automatic driving to clear obstacles.

5. MediaPipe developments for hand and facial gesture detection, AR tag recognition, and target tracking.


Pendulum suspension motor chassis

4x 520 geared motor 330RPM

1x Frame main control fixing plate

1x Anti collision beam

1x Pendulum suspension bracket

1x Light bar fixed

1x Lidar fixing plate

1x Screwdriver

4x Parts package

4x Mecanum wheel

Hardware control:

1x ROS car expansion board

1x USB HUB expansion board

1x OLED screen board

1x USB camera

1x LED light bar

1x 9600mah 12.6V power battery and charger

1x Gamepad and handle phone holder

1x 7 inch screen and fixing bracket

1x RGB Cooling HAT

1x Several cables

1x Data line

Main control board:

1x 64GB TF card (with robot system)

1x Raspberry Pi board accessories package

ROS accessories:

1x Astra Pro Plus depth camera and accessories package

1x YDLIDAR 4ROS lidar

1x Voice interaction module and speaker

Several wires

1x Aviation aluminum packing box

(Note: This product does not include board)

Main Control Board: Raspberry Pi 5 / Jetson Nano 4GB /Jetson Orin NX/Jetson Orin NANO.

Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS + ROS Melodic

Programming Language: Python

Input: Astra Pro Plus Depth Camera, YDLIDAR 4ROS Lidar, PS2 Wireless Handle, Nine Axis Attitude Sensor, Motor Speed with Encoder, USB Camera

Output: RGB Colorful Tail Lights, Buzzer, 520 Motor Interface * 4, Six Degrees of Freedom Robotic Arm, PWM Servo Interface * 4, OLED Display

Motor Scheme: 520 Metal Motor with Encoder * 4

Power Scheme: 12.6V 9600mAh Lithium Battery Pack

Power Interface: T Type Discharge Interface, DC4.0 * 1.7 Charging Interface

Remote Control: Mobile App, PC Computer, PS2 Wireless Handle

Communication: WiFi Network (LAN / AP)

Safety Protection: Short Circuit Protection, Over Current Protection

Material: Anodized Aluminum Alloy

Weight After Assembly: Approximately 4.35kg

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