SparkFun Mini Linear 3D Hall-Effect Sensor TMAG5273 (Qwiic)

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  • SparkFun Mini Linear 3D Hall-Effect Sensor TMAG5273 for Magnetic Field Detection
  • Precise 3D magnetic sensing
  • Compact 0.5" x 1" size
  • Low-power consumption
  • Easy Qwiic integration
  • High-temp resilience

The SparkFun Mini Linear 3D Hall-Effect Sensor TMAG5273 (Qwiic) is a sophisticated magnetic field sensor capable of detecting the presence, strength, and direction of a magnetic field in three dimensions. This device is particularly suitable for a variety of applications, including magnetic proximity detection, door and window sensing, and mobile rotor and control. The sensor is designed with a compact form factor, measuring just 0.5 inches by 1 inch, making it ideal for projects where space conservation is a priority.

The sensor is equipped with Texas Instruments TMAG5273, which features a configurable linear magnetic range and an integrated angle calculation engine (CORDIC) that includes gain and offset adjustment. This allows for versatile use in different applications. The sensor also offers magnetic tamper detection and configurable wake-up/threshold settings that can trigger interrupts either through the I2C interface or via a dedicated interrupt pin.

In terms of power efficiency, the sensor boasts a low consumption rate, with a high degree of precision and an embedded temperature sensor, making it an economical choice for projects requiring a low-power, high-precision magnetic field sensor. The sensor facilitates easy communication through the I2C protocol and is compatible with the Qwiic connect system, which allows for easy integration without the need for soldering. Additionally, for those who prefer a more traditional setup, the I2C pins are accessible through standard-spaced pins.

The Qwiic connect system is a comprehensive ecosystem designed to streamline prototyping by reducing the potential for connection errors and minimizing the required printed circuit board (PCB) space. The system utilizes a common connector, which is designed to prevent incorrect connections.

Please note that the SparkFun TMAG5273 Qwiic 3D Hall-Effect Sensor should be handled with care to avoid damage or malfunction.

  • 1x SparkFun Mini Linear 3D Hall-Effect Sensor TMAG5273 (Qwiic)

  • 0.5 x 1 inches

TMAG5273 Hall Effect Sensor

  • Configurable I2C Address: 0x35 (Default) (7-bit)
  • Magnetic Range (Sensitivity): ± 40mT (820 LSB/mT), ± 80mT (410 LSB/mT)
  • Magnetic Drift: 5%
  • Rotational Accuracy: ± 0.5°/360° rotation
  • Voltage Range: 1.7 - 3.6V
    • Sleep: 5nA
    • Wake-Up/Sleep: 1µA
    • Active: 2.3 mA
  • Operating Temperature: -40 °C - 125 °C
  • Integrated temperature compensation/measurement
    • Range: -40 - 170°C
  • Configurable data rate
    • CRC Support

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