SLAMTEC LPX-E3: High-Resolution 360° Industrial Monitoring Lidar

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  • SLAMTEC LPX-E3: High-Resolution 360° Industrial Monitoring Lidar
  • 360° all-round monitoring
  • 40m radius high precision
  • Sunlight resistant ≥80Klux
  • Compact & lightweight design
  • Versatile field applications

The SLAMTEC LPX-E3: High-Resolution 360° Industrial Monitoring Lidar is a sophisticated device designed for comprehensive field monitoring. This compact and high-resolution Lidar is capable of all-round monitoring with a 360-degree scope and a monitoring radius of up to 40 meters. It boasts a fine resolution of 0.1125 degrees and is equipped with field sets for tailored monitoring solutions. Additionally, the LPX-E3 is engineered to resist sunlight interference, withstanding levels exceeding 80 Klux.

The LPX-E3 series is a testament to the commitment to meet the demanding needs of the industrial sector. Enhanced software algorithms and upgraded hardware structures enable the LPX-E3 to serve a variety of field monitoring applications, thereby reinforcing industrial operations. It features an integrated real-time monitoring system that supports multiple output formats, facilitating intrusion monitoring of designated areas. The device can seamlessly integrate with existing PLCs and other systems, negating the need for external computing resources for further development.

Incorporating SLAMTECs advanced SL-DToF laser ranging core technology, the LPX-E3 meets the rigorous standards required for industrial applications. It delivers high precision, low reflectivity detection, and robust sunlight resistance, ensuring consistent and dependable performance in challenging industrial settings. The device is versatile, supporting applications such as field intrusion monitoring, production line counting, passageway monitoring, and obstacle avoidance for automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and other robotic systems. With the capacity to store up to 64 monitoring field sets, the LPX-E3 can adapt to various scenarios by switching between different monitoring fields.

The LPX-E3 is complemented by the exclusive ScanDesigner configuration software, which is both professional and user-friendly. This software allows for easy customization of monitoring fields with intuitive features like freehand field shape drawing and flexible Lidar placement adjustments. The third-generation SL-dTOF technology employed by the LPX-E3 ensures precise detection of objects, even those with as low as 2% reflectivity.

Despite its powerful capabilities, the LPX-E3 maintains a sleek and compact form factor, facilitating easy integration into a wide range of industrial applications. It is an ideal partner for tasks such as robot navigation, obstacle detection for AGVs, parking lot monitoring, and environmental perception for unmanned vehicles. Additionally, it can be used for interactive applications, UAV navigation, and environment scanning for 3D reconstruction.

Please note that the SLAMTEC LPX-E3 should be operated in accordance with its intended use to ensure safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

  • 1x SLAMTEC LPX-E3: High-Resolution 360° Industrial Monitoring Lidar
  • 56.63 x 56.63 x 48 mm (L x W x H)
  • 360° all-round monitoring
  • 40m monitoring radius
  • High resolution of 0.1125°
  • Field sets included
  • Sunlight resistance of ≥80 Klux
  • Weight: 180 g

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