SLAMTEC Gargantua GL-F3 Smart Food Delivery Robot

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  • SLAMTEC Gargantua GL-F3 Smart Food Delivery Robot
  • Transforms restaurants into technologically advanced spaces
  • Features smart obstacle avoidance and autonomous recharging
  • Enables multi-point food delivery and tray return with a single-touch
  • Redefines dining experience and strengthens competitive edge

The SLAMTEC Gargantua GL-F3 Smart Food Delivery Robot is a revolutionary product developed by Gargantua (Suzhou) Robot Co., LTD. This intelligent device is specifically designed to facilitate the transformation of restaurants and banqueting rooms into technologically advanced spaces. The robot replaces manual labor, thereby reducing operational costs and enhancing service efficiency.

The GL-F3 robot is equipped with a multitude of features. It can deliver food to multiple points, return trays with a single touch, respond to delivery calls, and collaborate with other robots. Additionally, it is designed with smart obstacle avoidance technology and can recharge autonomously.

The introduction of such smart robot services allows restaurants to cultivate a unique brand image and strengthen their competitive edge. This robot is not just a tool, but a strategic investment that can redefine the dining experience and set a new standard in the restaurant industry.

Please note that the GL-F3 robot is a commercial product and should be used with caution. Always ensure that the robot is operating correctly and safely.

  • 1x SLAMTEC Gargantua GL-F3 Smart Food Delivery Robot

  • 544 x 464 x 1083 mm (L x W x H)
  • Screen: 8 inch
  • Max Mapping Area: 500 x 500 m
  • Tray
    • Top: 426 x 356 x 215 mm (L x W x H)
    • Middle: 426 x 380 x 240 mm (L x W x H)
    • Bottom: 396 x 404 x 240 mm (L x W x H)

  • Maximum load capacity: 30 kg
  • Material: Galvanized steel and aluminum alloy frame, ABS housing
  • Screen resolution: 1280 x 800 pixel
  • Sensors: Two depth sensors working in tandem, magnetic sensors, bumper sensors, lidar, and other sensors
  • Tray
    • 3-tier Anti-skid Tray
    • Each floor: 10 kg
  • Minimum width for passage: Minimum 750 mm
  • Network ports: 4G/WiFi
  • Lidar Sensor
    • Count: 1 Units
    • Max Scan Radius: 30 m, 360°
  • Depth Sensor
    • Count: 2 Units
    • Detection Range: 0.4 m - 2 m
  • Bumper sensors
    • Count: 2 Units
    • Min Detection Range: 1 cm
  • Mapping Performance
  • Map Resolution: 5 cm
  • Motion
    • Max Move Speed: 1.0 m/s
    • Max Slope Performance: Slope 17.5 % (Slope Angle10°)
    • Passing Obstacle Height: 2 cm
    • Passing Obstacle Width: 4 cm
  • Battery
    • Charging Time: <4.5 h
    • No-Load Operating Time: ≥ 9.5 h
  • Weight: 64 kg

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