Saleae Logic Pro 16 Logic Analyzer 16 Channels & 100MHz (black)

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  • Record your digital and analog signals
  • Logic device can be customized to capture data the way you want
  • Software can start recording automatically when it finds a simple pattern you specify
The Saleae Pro 16 Channel Logic Analyzer is simply the world's best logic analyzer. 16 channels and fast sampling rate as well as cross-platform support and easy to use software makes this analyzer invaluable on your desk when debugging embedded systems.


To record your digital and analog signals, just press start. You can fill your entire computer’s memory with data so it is easy to capture lengthy or rare events.



Every Logic device can be customized to capture data the way you want. You can select how long to record, specify how bandwidth is allocated between digital and analog recoding, select which channels to record, and even make the LED your favorite color.



When you have billions of data points to display, it is important that getting around in all that data is a zippy experience. Effortlessly zoom in and out with the scroll wheel, and navigate left and right by dragging the data where you want it.



For basic measurements, just place your mouse near something interesting. The software will figure out the rest and display the relevant measurements. You can show different measurements by right-clicking.


Trigger & Find

The software can start recording automatically when it finds a simple pattern you specify. You can trigger on digital edges and pulses as well as analog voltages and pulses. After you collect your data, you can search for more events this way too.


SPI, I2C & more

Most digital communication uses a particular protocol that specifies how information is transferred. The Logic software has protocol analyzers that can automatically decode SPI, I2C, serial, 1-Wire, CAN, UNI/O, I2S/PCM, MP Mode, Manchester, Modbus, DMX-512, Parallel, JTAG, LIN, Atmel SWI, MDIO, SWD, LCD HD44780, BiSS C, HDLC, HDMI CEC, PS/2, USB 1.1, Midi – or create your own with the SDK.


Once you have decoded your data with a protocol analyzer, you can search through all these decoded results by just typing what you are looking for – the software will jump right to the spot where it happened.


In the software, you can add unlimited bookmarks, which remember what you were looking at; timing markers, which can measure the time between events; and measurements, which annotate the waveform with parameters like width, frequency, RMS voltage and duty cycle.

Save & Share

Once you’ve annotated your data, you can easily save it for later review. You can even save it in the cloud to send to colleagues or post online!


Sometimes you will need to do something pretty custom with your data, so you’ll be happy to know it is easy to export it in a variety of formats, including a text csv file or Matlab m file.


If you need to automate the Logic software, you can control everything over a simple TCP socket using virtually any programming language.


Have a rare or proprietary protocol you would like to have Logic decode? You can with our Analyzer SDK.


  • Super easy to use, honest
  • Works cross-platform on Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Ultra-portable
  • Saves time
  • Saves frustration
  • Get context you don't get with a scope
  • Provides insight
  • Far superior to a scope for embedded work
  • Saves money
  • Junior engineers more self-reliant


  • Decode protocols
  • Debugging microcontroller peripherals
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Debug without breakpoints
  • It's all about the timing
  • Data Logging
  • System interaction debug
  • Interrupt / race condition debugging
  • Performance tuning
  • Very infrequent failures

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Very good logic analyzer

I have received this product a few weeks ago and I am pretty satisfied with it for now. I have used several different protocol analyzers that came built in the software and they work flawlessly. With the provided SDK it is possible to write your own as well if necessary. There are a couple stability issues with the provided software under Windows 10 (f.e.: random crashes when I start a capture, not too often fortunately). It saves the configuration state so after restarting the software the work can be continued without too much hassle.

Très bon analyseur logique

J'ai reçu ce produit il y a quelques semaines et j'en suis assez satisfait pour l'instant. J'ai utilisé plusieurs analyseurs de protocole intégrés au logiciel et ils fonctionnent parfaitement. Avec le SDK fourni, il est également possible d'écrire le vôtre si nécessaire. Il existe quelques problèmes de stabilité avec le logiciel fourni sous Windows 10 (par exemple, des plantages aléatoires lorsque je commence une capture, heureusement pas souvent). Il enregistre l'état de la configuration afin qu'après le redémarrage du logiciel, le travail puisse être poursuivi sans trop de problèmes.

Great product

I had some initial problems getting the device to work. After some email from Saleae and directions to their troubleshooting pages, I narrowed the problem down to a bad USB 3.0 cable. A fresh cable purchased locally fixed the problem. I assume robotshop or Saleae would have replaced it, but hardly worth waiting for. I have tested on Mac OS (Yosemite) and Ubuntu 15.10 without problems. All functions, including the socket server API work as described. It comes in a nice case (not fancy, but works well for the task) with wiring harnesses and test clips. The voltage protection is nice - no worry about errors in hooking it up to a signal source. 4.88mV resolution is OK (12 bits over +/- 10V), but it would be nice to adjust the range to get better resolution at lower signal levels. Nevertheless, the Logic Pro 16 does a lot for a good price.

Bon produit

J'ai eu quelques problèmes initiaux pour faire fonctionner l'appareil. Après quelques courriers électroniques de Saleae et des instructions pour accéder à leurs pages de dépannage, j’ai réduit le problème à un mauvais câble USB 3.0. Un nouveau câble acheté localement a résolu le problème. Je suppose que robotshop ou Saleae l'auraient remplacé, mais ne valait pas la peine d'attendre. J'ai testé sur Mac OS (Yosemite) et Ubuntu 15.10 sans problèmes. Toutes les fonctions, y compris l'API du serveur de socket, fonctionnent comme décrit. Il est livré dans un joli boîtier (peu sophistiqué, mais fonctionne bien pour la tâche) avec des faisceaux de câbles et des pinces d’essai. La protection contre les surtensions est agréable - ne vous inquiétez pas des erreurs de connexion à une source de signal. La résolution de 4,88 mV est correcte (12 bits au-dessus de +/- 10 V), mais il serait bon d’ajuster la plage pour obtenir une meilleure résolution à des niveaux de signal inférieurs. Néanmoins, la Logic Pro 16 fait beaucoup pour un bon prix.

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