Reflective IR Sensor with 470 and 10K Resistors

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Manufacturer #: 2349

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  • Reflective IR sensor
  • Comes with a 470 ohm resistor
  • Breadboard friendly sensor and easy to solder 
  • Best working range: 2mm to 10mm

The Reflective IR Sensor with 470 and 10K Resistors is a simple plastic casing with two elements - an IR LED and an IR phototransistor. You can control the IR LED and turn it on to bounce IR off objects to determine their reflectivity. White & light colored stuff will bounce the light, so you can detect it. Black & dark colored stuff will absorb the IR light so that it isn't detected. Likewise, if something isn't in the way of the sensor, it won't trigger either. Comes with a 470 ohm resistor and a 10K resistor which you can use as a pull-up resistor for the phototransistor. The sensor is breadboard friendly and easy to solder to. This works best when detecting a light-colored object approximately 5mm away - 2mm to 10mm worked fairly well but your results may vary with the LED brightness, object shininess, etc.

Reflective IR Sensor with 470 and 10K Resistors- Click to Enlarge



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