PTC Heating Element 5V 40 deg C

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  • PTC Heating Element 5V 40°C
  • Offers AC or DC power supply regardless of the polarity
  • Provides high heat transfer rate, low power
  • Built-in PTC heating chip
  • High-temperature resistant silicone wire
  • Aluminum tube encapsulation

The PTC Heating Element 5V 40 deg C can be used to automatically maintain a constant temperature without special temperature controllers and temperature sensors like thermal resistors and thermocouples for temperature feedback. It is suitable for both AC and DC regardless of polarity. The power capacity should be over the maximum dissipation power of the heating element, otherwise, it cannot work properly.


Regarding power: The heating power goes from small to large to small after power-on, and finally stabilizes. The stable power is related to the use conditions. For the same PTC heater with different use conditions, the power may differ several times. The faster the heat dissipation, the greater the stable power. What is marked as the maximum power dissipation, and the actual power in use should be less than the maximum power dissipation.

Usage occasions: It is strictly forbidden to use it on flammable and explosive occasions, or put it into the water! Percussion or punching is also strictly prohibited!

Attention: If multiple heating elements are used together, they should be connected in parallel. The more heating elements, the greater the power. The decrease of the power supply voltage will make the heating time of the heating element longer and the power smaller, but the temperature is basically constant.

Power supply selection: The low-voltage heating element should use a power supply with the same voltage as the heating element: generally switching power supplies, transformers, storage batteries, rechargeable batteries, large-capacity dry batteries, etc. The power (capacity) of the power supply must be greater than the maximum dissipated power of the heating element so that the heating element can generate heat normally.

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