D2-1 DIY Kit Intelligent Tracking Smart Car Parts Electronic Manufacture DIY Electronic Automobile

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  • The robot car is a kind of educational mechanical, electronic and electromechanical control products.
  • It can be widely used in schools to help students learn about soldering project knowledge, the principle of sensor, automatic control and soldering skills
  • This product is easy to build and assemble. You don't need professional tools to assemble it. Our instructions are simple to understand and will help you to assemble this product in minutes
  • Welding instructions This product needs to be soldered by yourself. If you have no soldering experience, please read the carefully and use soldering tools carefully in order to avoid safety problems
  • D2-1 diy kit Intelligent tracking the car kit D2-1 patrol car parts Electronic manufacture DIY smart car diy electronic suite

We build a car in which we can track the motion of any unit, by a digital circuit. In the process of assembly, we could not only familiar with mechanical principles but gradually can learn photocell and voltage comparator, motor drive circuits, etc related electronic knowledge as well as assembly and disassembly skill.

The novelty of this product is that it has both digital output control automatic speed regulation and self-sensing control devices. Control of the motor is achieved by following the principle of Hall's matching transformer and the electromagnetic transmitter.

It consists of a microcomputer controller and particular single-chip microcomputer controlled, integrated CE, I/C, and PWM ICs in one module assembly. This chip can be used as a stand-alone or be added to another system as well as being powered from any DC power supply as long as it meets rail voltage specification

Light-sensitive resistance is sensitive to the external light intensity, the stronger the outside light photosensitive resistance is small, and the light-sensitive resistance will be obvious difference for subsequent circuit control.

1 x LM393

1 x IC Socket

2 x Electrolytic Capacitors(C1,C2 )

2 x Potentiometers(R1,R2)

4 x 51ohm Metal Film Resistances(R5,R6,R11,R12)

2 x 1K Metal Film Resistances(R7,R8)

2 x 10ohm Metal Film Resistances(R9,R10)

2 x 3.3K Metal Film Resistances(R3,R4)

2 x Photoresistors(R13,R14)

2 x Red LEDs(D1,D2)

2 x White LEDs(D4,D5)

2 x S8550(Q1,Q2)

1 x Self-Locking Switch

2 x DC Motors

2 x Wheels

2 x Tires

2 x Screws

2 x Nuts

1 x Screw Cap

4 x Cables

1 x Battery Case

1 x PCB D2-1 Mainboard

NOTE: This kit does not contain batteries

4.13 x 3.34 x 1.81 inches

Power: two AA batteries (not included)

Installation size: 105x85x46mm/4.13x3.34x1.81''

Weight: 124g

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