Marvelmind Super-Beacon (19kHz)

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  • Marvelmind Super-Beacon (19kHz)
  • Works with regular Beacons HW v4.9 and Mini-RX
  • Precise distance measurement of up to 50m
  • Can both receive and transmit ultrasonic pulses
  • Has a separate receiving part with a single wide-beam microphone
  • Improved several-times battery lifetime in TX mode

The Marvelmind Super-Beacon (19kHz) is a superior version of Beacon HW v4.9. It has a digital microphone that allows Super-Beacon to receive any frequency used in the Marvelmind system.

Super-Beacon can be used in any Architecture. It also can be a stationary or a mobile beacon in any Architecture. Super-Beacon has an IMU onboard which allows users to get information from the gyroscope and accelerometer.

The system is used for autonomous robots, vehicles, drones, and people as well as for industrial applications requiring precise positioning and localization indoors.

Marvelmind Super-Beacon (19kHz) - Click to Enlarge

The Super-Beacon has a separate receiving part with a single wide-beam microphone and sharp DSP filters (like Mini-RX or Industrial-RX has). Thus, it is more sensitive, than Beacon HW v4.9, more resistant to external noise, and easier to set up, because you don’t have to care about turning on and off ultrasonic sensors in order to optimize coverage vs. sensitivity.

The Super-Beacon can receive any ultrasonic frequency from the bands: 19 kHz, 25 kHz, 31 kHz, 37 kHz, 45 kHz. The filter can be simply selected in the Dashboard. At the same time, the ultrasonic frequency of Beacon HW v4.9 is HW-defined by ultrasonic sensors and can’t be changed.


  • Industrial (Forklift/people tracking, factory automation)
  • Healthcare (locate assets, patients & staff)
  • Retail (security, navigation, customer analytics)
  • Consumer (connected home, sports analytics)
  • Distance measurement indoors

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