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  • LDRobot DTOF LiDAR STL-27L
  • Ranging Distance: 0.03 - 25m
  • Ranging Frequency: 21600Hz
  • Scanning Frequency: 10Hz
  • Ranging Average Accuracy: ± 30 mm
  • Scanning Angle: 360°
  • Lifetime: 10000 Hours

The LDRobot DTOF LiDAR STL-27L utilizes cutting-edge TOF (Time-Of-Flight) ranging technology, employing laser pulses to measure distance based on time-of-flight. This advanced mechanism enables precise measurements with a maximum range of 25m, meeting the demands of various commercial applications. With an impressive measurement accuracy of ±20 mm within an effective detection distance of 8m, it facilitates efficient 360° detection for robots, autonomous mapping, and obstacle detection.

The device supports start-stop control via software, offering open-source access to demo materials and schematic diagrams for personalized development and operation control. Its stable performance is ensured by a coaxial brushless motor, providing quiet operation without friction and supporting high-speed wireless data transmission. With a remarkable lifespan exceeding 10000 hours, it meets project requirements for low failure rates.

Facilitating 360° omnidirectional laser scanning, the LiDAR rotates clockwise to scan and range the surrounding environment comprehensively. Its extended radius of up to 25m enables the acquisition of environmental information over larger areas, ensuring efficient robot cruising and mapping capabilities. The device also boasts high real-time performance, supporting scanning at 10Hz and distance measurement at 21600Hz, thus minimizing navigation blind spots and enhancing scanning coverage.

Equipped with multi-echo detection technology, LiDAR can detect glass walls at specific angles, reducing collisions during robot operation and enhancing safety. It exhibits strong ambient light tolerance, suitable for use in environments with up to 60Klux strong light. Additionally, its compact and exquisite design allows for easy integration within robots, reducing overall size and improving maneuverability. Complying with FDA Class 1 human eye safety standards, it ensures the safety of humans and pets during operation.

  • 1x LDRobot DTOF LiDAR STL-27L

  • 54.00 x 46.29 x 34.80 mm
  • Ranging distance: 0.03 to 25.00 meters (target surface reflectivity is 80.6%)
  • Scanning frequency: 10 Hz
  • Scanning angle: 360°
  • Ranging frequency: 21600 Hz
  • Angular resolution: 0.167°
  • Wavelength: 895 to 915 nanometers (typical 905 nm)
  • Communication interface: UART at 921600 baud rate
  • Ambient light tolerance: 60 kilolux
  • Power supply: 4.5 to 5 volts (typical 5V)
  • Power consumption: 1.45 watts
  • Operating current: 290 milliamperes
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C
  • Lifetime: 10,000+ hours

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