JetAcker ROS Education Robot Car with Ackerman Structure Powered by Jetson Nano B01 Autonomous Driving SLAM Mapping Navigation - Standard kit

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  • Classic Ackermann Steering Structure
  • Dive in AI Algorithm and Smart Robotics
  • SLAM Development and Diverse Configuration
  • Robot Control Across Platforms
  • High-performance Hardware Configurations

Note: This link is for JetAcker standard kit, please check the following links to get more details of another two versions:

For JetAcker starter kit (include Jetson Nano and Lidar), please refer to:

For JetAcker advanced kit (include Jetson Nano, Lidar, 3D Depth camera, 6-Microphone Array and LCD screen), please refer to:

【Classic Ackermann Steering Structure】JetAcker is built upon an Ackermann chassis providing an opportunity to learn and validate robots based on the Ackermann steering structure.

【Dive in AI Algorithm and Smart Robotics】JetAcker runs on NVIDIA Jetson Nano B01, supports ROS, utilizes deep learning frameworks, MediaPipe, YOLO training, and TensorRT acceleration for diverse 3D machine vision applications.

【SLAM Development and Diverse Configuration】JetAcker is equipped with a 3D depth camera and Lidar, enabling remote communication, precise 2D mapping navigation, TEB path planning, and dynamic obstacle avoidance.

【Robot Control Across Platforms】JetAcker provides multiple control methods, like WonderAi app (compatible with iOS and Android system), wireless handle, Robot Operating System (ROS) and keyboard.

【Detailed Tutorials and Professional After-sales Service】We offer an extensive collection of tutorials, covering wide range of topics, including getting ready, Linux operating system, ROS, OpenCV, depth camera and Lidar mapping navigation, autonomous driving, 3D vision interaction and voice interaction courses.

【High-performance Hardware Configurations】JetAcker features an aluminum alloy bracket, CNC steering, and a range of hardware: 100mm rubber wheels, 520 Hall encoder motors, Lidar, ORBBEC Astra Pro Plus camera, 240° pan-tilt, multi-functional expansion board, motor driver, and 11.1V 6000mAh Lipo battery.

【Support Secondary Development】You can utilize the existing learning tutorials to carry out secondary development. Please note that our technical support is limited to the existing learning tutorials.

JetAcker is an entry-level ROS education robot powered by Jetson Nano. Featuring a Lidar, depth camera and 7-inch LCD screen, JetAcker provides various functionalities, such as robot motion control, mapping and navigation and human feature recognition.

1. Lidar Positioning

Combining a Lidar self-developed high-precision encoder and IMU accelerometer sensor data, JetAcker can achieve accurate mapping and navigation.

2. Various 2D Lidar Mapping Methods

JetAcker utilizes various mapping algorithms, such as Gmapping Hector Karto, and Cartographer. In addition, it supports path planning fixed-point navigationand obstacle avoidance during navigation.

3. Multi-point Navigation, TEB Path Planning

JetAcker employs Lidar to detect the surroundings and supports fixed point navigation multipoint continuous navigation and other robot applications.

4. Interesting Features and Games

JetAcker offers dynamic obstacle avoidance and Lidar tracking. Mapping functionality can also be enabled using the app.

5. Gazebo Simulation

JetAcker is built on the Robot Operating System (ROS) and integrates with Gazebo simulation. This enables effortless control of the robot in a simulated environment, facilitating algorithm prevalidation to prevent potential errors. Gazebo provides visual data, allowing you to observe the motion trajectories of each endpoint and center. This visual feedback facilitates algorithm enhancement.

6. 3D Vision AI Upgraded Interaction:

1) 3D Depth Camera

Equipped with a Astra Pro Plus depth camera, JetAcker can effectively perceive environmental changes, allowing for intelligent Al interaction with humans.

2) RTAB-VSLAM 3D Vision Mapping and Navigation

Using the RTAB SLAM algorithm, JetAcker creates a 3D colored mapenabling navigation and obstacle avoidance in a 3D environment. Furthermore it supports global localization within the map.

3) Deep Learning, Autonomous Driving

Through deeplearning, JetAcker can implement autonomous driving functions which is a perfect platform to learn core features ofautonomous driving.

4) MediaPipe Development, Upgraded Al nteraction

JetAcker utilizes MediaPipe development framework to accomplish various functions, such as human body recognition, fingertip recognition, face detection and 3D detection.

5) AI Vision Interaction

By incorporating artificial intelligence JetAcker can implement KCF target tracking, line following, color/ tag recognition and tracking, YOLO object recognition and more.

7. Body structure:

1) CNC Steering System

Full-metal CNC high-precision components combined with strong-bearing intelligent servo provides exceptional rotational force.

2) High-density Solid Wheel

Large payload capacity, deformation resistance, reduced friction coefficient and minimized mechanical wear, resulting in an extended lifespan.

3) Pendulum Suspension Structure

High-precision pendulum suspension structure balances the force, enabling good adaptability to uneven surfaces while preventing any impact on motor.

4) 240° High-performance Pan-tilt

It is driven by an serial bus servo which provides over-temperature protection. Its up to 240° rotation range extends JetAcker's exploration ranges.

8. Hardware:


SLAMTEC A1 Lidar has stable performance, adjustable frequency and high cost effective.

2) 3D Depth Camera

The 3D depth camera features depth sensing capability, high resolution, driver-free operation, and ultra-low power consumption. It offers SDK supportand development capabilities,making it compatible with Windows Linux and Android platforms. lts versatile nature allows for a wide range of applications, such as 3D scanning, facial recognition, 3D mapping, navigation and many others.

3) 6-Microphone Array and Speaker

The 6-microphone array is adroit at far-field sound source localization voice recognition and voice interaction. In comparison to ordinary microphone module, it can implement more advanced functions

JetAcker Standard kit:

1*JetAcker (include LiDAR, and Jetson Nano, assembled)


1*12.6V 2A charger (DC 5.5*2.5 male)

1*Card reader

1*Wireless handle and phone holder

1*3D depth camera (with bracket)

3*Block (3*3cm)

3*Tag (6.5*6.5cm)


1*Screw bag


316*259*242 mm

Size: 316*259*242mm

Weight: 4.8kg

Material: Full-metal hard aluminum alloy bracket(anodized)

Battery: 11.1V 6000mAh Lipo battery

Continuous working life: 90min

Hardware: ROS controller and ROS expansion board

Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS + ROS Melodic

Software: iOS/ Android APP

Communication: USB/ WiFi/ Ethernet

Programming language: Python/C/C++/JavaScript

Storage: 32GB TF card

Servo: HTS-20H serial bus servo

Control method: Phone/ Handle control

Package size (advanced kit): 375*305*230mm

Package weight (advanced kit): about 8.5kg

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