YDLIDAR G4 Lidar Triangulation, 36deg 16m Range for ROS1 & ROS2

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  • YDLIDAR G4 Lidar Triangulation, 36deg 16m Range for ROS1 & ROS2
  • Designed for ROS Robot Mapping and Navigation
  • Meets FDA Class 1 Safety Standard
  • 360-degree Scanning, 9000 Hz Frequency, 16m Radius
  • Supports Windows, Android, ROS, Linux Systems

The YDLIDAR G4 Lidar Triangulation, 36deg 16m Range for ROS1 & ROS2 is compliant with FDA Class 1 Safety Standard. It adopts a safe and low power consumption infrared emitter and uses PWM to control the laser. This ensures that the G4 Lidar is compliant with Class 1 safety standards and reaches a level of safety for the human eye.

The G4 Lidar can be used in various applications, including Lidar Mapping and Navigation, RTAB-VSLAM 3D Vision Mapping and Navigation, Multi-point Navigation and Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance, Lidar Tracking, Lidar Guarding, and Crayon Crossing.

In a ROS environment, the G4 Lidar can be used with RViz, a visualization widget provided by ROS. This allows you to visualize Lidar information and control how the ROS robot maps and navigates. Test methods for Lidar and mapping, as well as configured launch files, are provided for a quick and easy experience.

The G4 Lidar can be used in various application scenarios, such as ROS Robot Mapping and Navigation, Obstacle Avoidance, Smart Touching Interaction, 3D Reconstruction, Regional Security, and Assisted Driving.

The G4 Lidar has several key features:

Mounting Bracket for Great Adaptability - Use the mounting bracket to easily fix the G4 Lidar on various robots.

9000Hz High Frequency Ranging - The G4 Lidar has a ranging frequency of 9000Hz, which ensures precise mapping without missing any details.

360 Scanning Ranging - The G4 Lidar can rotate 360 degrees to obtain an outline of the surrounding area, allowing for swift mapping in all directions.

41mm Ultra-thin Design - With a height of only 41mm, the G4 Lidar has an integrated drive system, rotation system, and motor that contribute to its precise and reliable performance.

Smart Software for Parameter Adjustment - The G4 Lidar comes with easy-to-operate software that allows for customization of range frequency, scanning type, and low consumption mode.

Up to 16m Ranging Radius - With the self-developed image processing acceleration engine YDImage 3.0, the G4 Lidar has a ranging radius of up to 16m.

Brushless Motor/ High-quality Bearings/ High Density Encoder Disk - The G4 Lidar adopts high-quality bearings and a customized brushless motor, giving it a longer lifespan of 50000 hours.

Opto-magnetic Wireless Communication Technology - The G4 Lidar uses innovative fusion technology to avoid failure and achieve high-speed lossless data transmission.

Provide Map Nav APP (Android Only) - The G4 Lidar comes with a Map Nav APP that allows for Lidar mapping and navigation process, and viewing of images.

Provide EAI Official Learning Materials - The G4 Lidar comes with various learning materials, including a datasheet, user manual, application manual, protocol, and other documents.

The G4 Lidar is also highly compatible, supporting Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson series, PC computers, and Industrial computers. It also supports ROS, Raspberry Pi, and Jetson robots.

1x YDLIDAR G4 Lidar

1x USB Adapter

1x USB Cable

1x Mounting Bracket

1x Screw Accessory

72 x 71 x 41 mm

Ranging principle: Triangulation

Ranging radius: 0.12 - 16 m

Ranging frequency: 9000 Hz

Battery: 11.1V 6000 mAh Lipo battery

Scanning frequency: 5 - 12Hz

Scanning angle: 0 - 360 degrees

Angle resolution: 0.2 - 0.48 degrees

Sample range: 9k

Communication rate: 230400 bps

Operating scene: Indoor

Applications: Robot navigation and obstacle avoidance, industrial automation, regional security, intelligent transportation, environment scanning and 3D reconstruction, digital multimedia interaction, ROS teaching and research

Supply current: 1000 mA

Supply voltage: 5 V

Output: UART serial port (3.3 V level)

Operating temperature: 0 - 50 �C

Relative error: 2.0% (1m)

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