TonyPi Hiwonder AI Intelligent Vision Humanoid Robot Powered by Raspberry Pi 5 (Advanced Kit with Raspberry Pi 5 8GB)

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  • Ideal for research in motion control, machine vision, OpenCV, deep learning, and more
  • Feature a wide-angle HD camera and use OpenCV for various AI vision applications such as transportation
  • Enjoy remote control of robot movements and access a live camera feed for first person view
  • Access detailed guides on setup, Linux, OpenCV, motion control, AI vision development, and action group editing, and more

Product Description

TonyPi is a humanoid robot integrated with AI vision and powered by Raspberry Pi 4B/5. It features intelligent serial bus servos, HD camera and IMU sensor that can detect robot's pose in real time. It serves as an ideal platform for humanoid robots, machine vision, OpenCV, deep learning.

1) AI Vision, Unlimited Creativity

TonyPi is equipped with a wide-angle HD camera on its head. By leveraging the capabilities of OpenCV for image processing, TonyPi can effectively recognize and locate target objects.

2) Powered by Raspberry Pi

TonyPi is controlled by a Raspberry Pi and is equipped with an intelligent high-voltage bus servo. It uses Python programming and can complete a variety of AI intelligent gameplay such as color tracking and autonomous kicking.

3) AI Vision Applications

① Color Tracking

Processing images through OpenCV to receive positions of red, green and blue, TonyPi tracks the target color in real time.

② Line Following

TonyPi can recognize black, white and red line through OpenCV. Calculate the line's position and then adjust the route to follow.

③ Tag Recognition

TonyPi performs actions according to the recognized tags. In addition to the provided tag, you're encouraged to program your own tags and actions.

④ Facial Recognition

Use OpencCV to load the trained face detection model. TonyP will operate the greeting action when recognizes a face.

⑤ Auto Shooting

Perform image processing through OpenCV to obtain the ball's position, and then use PID algorithm to track and kick it automatically.

⑥ Intelligent Transport

TonyPi can visually identify the distance of the item, and finally move the target item to the designated tag.

4) Intelligent High-voltage Bus Servo & Anti-blocking Servo

TonyPi uses intelligent high-voltage bus servo, which has high precision and fast feedback, making the robot have a long battery life. TonyPi is also equipped with an anti-locking servo to ensure that the servo will not be burned out due to stalling or collision, which can extend the service life of the servo.

5) Support Diverse Control Methods

① APP Control

WonderPi APP supports Android and iOS. Switch game modes easily and quickly to experience various AI games.

② PC Remote Control

We can quickly connect the WonderPi configuration to the wireless LAN, which is more convenient for you to remotely connect and control TonyPi.

③ PC Software Control

With the graphical PC software, you can control the rotation of the robot servo by dragging the slider without code, and can edit the robot action group.

6) Real-time Voltage Display

TonyPi can display the current voltage size, which is convenient to keep an eye on the robot's battery level in real time.

7) Support Self-balancing, Built-in IMU Sensor

The core controller of the robot is equipped with IMU sensors, which can sense the robot's body attitude in real time and detect the direction of travel.

8) Unlimited Expansion

TonyPi can be expanded with various electronic modules to open up diverse interesting robot games.

1* TonyPi (ready to use)

1* 11.1V Lipo battery charger

3* Ball

3* Tag

1* Card Reader

1* Accessory bag

1* Screwdriver

1* Manual

3* Sponge Cubes

1* Map

373*186*106mm (14.69x7.32x4.17inches)

Size: 373*186*106mm (14.69x7.32x4.17inches)

Weight: About 1800g

Camera pixel: 480P

Rotation: 2 DOF

Battery: 11.1V 2000mAh 10C lithium battery

Working hour: About 60mins

Head: 2 DOF

Shoulder: 2 DOF

Arm: 2 DOF(each)

Leg: 4 DOF(each)

Foot: 1 DOF(each)

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4B/5 and Raspberry Pi 4B/5 expansion board

Software: APP+PC software

Communication: Wi-Fi and ethernet

Servo: LX-824HV bus servo/ LFD-01M avoid blocking servo

Shipping size: 45*32*18cm

Shipping weight: About 3.9kg

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