SpiderPi Pro: Hiwonder Hexapod Robot with AI Vision Robotic Arm Powered by Raspberry Pi 5 (Paspberry Pi 5 4GB Included)

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  • Loaded 5DOF AI Vision Robot Arm for precise location, tracking, pickup, sorting, and stacking of target objects
  • Features a wide-angle HD camera and uses OpenCV for various AI vision applications
  • Enjoy remote control of robot movements and a live camera feed for a first-person view.
  • Offers tripod and quadruped gaits, adjustable height and speed, and directional changes
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi 5 4GB (Note: Raspberry Pi 5 4GB board and expansion board are included in this kit)

Product Description

SpiderPi Pro is an advanced hexapod robot integrated with AI vision and powered by Raspberry Pi. It features intelligent serial bus servos with a torque of 20KG, 5DOF robot arm, glowy ultrasonic sensor, IMU sensor and dot matrix module and can be programmed using Python. SpiderPi Pro serves as an ideal platform for conducting research in motion control for hexapod robots, machine vision, OpenCV, deep learning, and various other fields.

1) 5DOF Vision Robot Arm

SpiderPi Pro is equipped with a HD wide-angle camera, which allows the robot's vision recognition range to be larger, and the camera supports manual focusing, which is more convenient to use.

2) Powered by Raspberry Pi

SpiderPi Pro is powered by a Raspberry Pi 4B/5 controller that adjusts the body attitude. At the same time, we provide rich course materials to let you quickly experience motion control, machine vision and OpenCV projects.

3) Sorting and Transferring

The position of aifferent blocks can be recognized and the distance can be judged. Through inverse kinematic algorithm the robotic crm can pick the block, and then transfer it to the corresponding area independently

4) Line Following

SpiderPi Pro can identify black white and red lines through OpenCV and then calculate the position of the color, adjust the walking posture according to the different positions, and realize visual line following.

5) Tracking and Kicking

SpiderPi Pro not only can perform target tracking but also calcuate the relative position. Through inverse kinematics algorithm, it can switch gait automaticolly to kick the ball and block.

6) Shape Recognition

SpiderPi Pro can recognize the shape of aifferent objects and display it through the LED dot matrix module.

Product Features:

1)High Voltage Bus Servo

The 20kg.cm 11.1V high-voltage servo has longer service time and less power consumption.

2) APP Control

WonderPi APP supports Android and iOS. Switch game modes easily and quickly to experience various AI games.

3) PC Software Control

With the graphical PC software, you can control the rotation of the robot servo by dragging the slider without code, and can edit the robot action group.

4) IMU Sensor

The core controller of the robot is equipped with IMU sensors, which can sense the robot's body attitude in real time and detect the direction of travel.

1* SpiderPi Pro body (Raspberry Pi 5 4GB & expansion board bave been pre-installed already)

1* Robot arm

1* Camera

1* 12.6V 2A charger (DC 5.5*25 male connector)

3* Ball

3* Tag

3* Block

1* Card reader

1* Screwdriver & Accessory bag

1* Wireless handle

1* User manual


Body weight: About 3.1kg

Material: Metal and fiberglass board

Camera resolution: 480P

Ultrasonic ranging distance: 2-400cm

Robotic arm DOF: 5DOF

Battery: 11.1V 3500mAh 10C Lipo battery

Battery life: 40min(continuous working)

Leg3DOF: (each leg) x6

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4B/5 and Raspberry Pi 4B/5 expansion board

Software: Mobile APP+ PC software + PC control software

Communication: Wi-Fi/ Ethernet

Servo: LX-224HV, HTS-20H

Control method: PC/ APP/ handle control

Package size: 40*40*17cm (length*width*height)

Package weight: About 4.8kg

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