Open-Source Robotic Hand AiHand Powered by micro:bit V2 Programming Educational Robot, Support WonderCam AI Vision Module (Without micro:bit V2.0)

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  • Open-source robotic hand powered by micro:bit
  • Equipped with an AI vision module and a glowy ultrasonic sensor, facilitating users to carry out secondary development of the robotic hand
  • Integrated with some learning algorithms, allowing it to complete diverse AI vision projects
  • Supports Android/ iOS APP control, micro:bit control, as well as Makecode programming

If you've prepared a micro:bit V2.0 board, you can order the below version of AiHand without micro:bit via the link below:

Product Description

AiHand is an open-source robotic hand powered by micro:bit. With 6 joints and the micro:bit V2 as its core controller, it incorporates the WonderCam vision module and emits ultrasonic sensors. Additionally, it offers multiple expansion interfaces for you to conveniently customize and enhance your robotic hand.

1) Anti-blocking Servo

Equipped with built-in stall protection algorithm, ensuring the servo won't burn out due to blockage or collision,significantly extending its lifespan.

2) WonderCam Vision Module

WonderCam is a user-friendly AI vision module with eight built-in functions, which makes learning AI fun and easy to comprehend.

3) Glowy Ultrasonic Sensor

The luminescent ultrasonic sensor equipped with I2C interface can not only achieve sonic distance measurement, but also achieve sonic ball catching.

4) micro:bit Controller

micro:bit is a micro controller consisting of onboard Bluetooth, accelerometer, electronic compass, three buttons, and 5 x 5 LED dot matrix. The micro:bit comes with a built-in speaker, microphone, and capacitive touch sensor.

5) Sonic Distance Measurement

Place the obstacle facing the ultrasonic module and move the obstacle slowly closer. When the distance is more than 20cm, the five fingers of the mechanical palm are opened, and the RGB lights on the ultrasonic module and expansion board are blue

6) Button Control

7) Action Dance

8) Touch Control

9) Intelligent Voice Control

1. One-click Training and Learning for Limitless AI Creativity

AiHand's AI vision module is integrated with some learning algorithms, allowing it to complete diverse AI vision projects such as color recognition and face recognition.

1) Tag Recognition

Using the WonderCam Al vision module, AiHand can acquire the coordinate position of tags and send the data to the controller.

2) Face Recognition

AiHand's WonderCam detects face and identifies if it matches according to conditions and image on its display.

3) Color Recognition

AiHand can identify the color of items through WonderCam, and once recognized, the item will be framed on the screen.

4) Waste Sorting

AiHand can recognize junk cards, broadcast the corresponding category of junk based on the recognition results, and display the corresponding dot matrix pattern.

2. Makecode Programming

Drag and drop building block-style modules for program-ming which is easy to learn.tet children learn program-ming without any threshold and exercise logical thinking

3. IOS/ Android App Control

Easily control the AiHand by tapping buttons or dragging sliders on the app, making it simple and intuitive toexecute actions.

4. micro:bit Control

AiHand is an open-source robotic hand powered by micro:bit.Consisting of onboard Bluetooth, accelerometer, electronic compass, three buttons, 5 x 5 LED dot matrix, it is only half the size of credit card and mainly used for programming education for teenagers.

5. Support Sensor Expansion

Expand the capabilities of AiHand with a variety of sensors and unlock endless possibilities for your project.

1* AiHand

1* Power adapter 7.5V 3A/DC3.5*1.35

1* USB data cable

1* Glowing ultrasonic sensor

1 set* Tags

1 set* Road signs

1 set* Number cards

1 set* Waster cards

1 set* 40mm Balls (red+green+blue)

1* 4PIN sensor wire (200mm)

1* Accessory bag


Product size: 177*105*295mm

Product weight: about 0.73kg (main body + micro:bit + micro:bit expansion board)

Body material: acrylic, duralumin alloy

PTZ angle: 180°

Power supply: 7.5V 3A adapter (DC3.5*1.35)

Main control system: micro:bit + micro:bit expansion board

Software: iOS/Android mobile APP

Communication method: Bluetooth, USB

Servo model: LD-1501MG servo *1; LFD-01 servo *5

Control method: APP Control (WonderCom)

Shipping size: 29*22*14.2(cm)

Overall weight: about 1kg (excluding packaging)

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