LD19 D300 LiDAR Developer Kit, 360 DToF Laser Scanner, Supports ROS1/2, Raspberry Pi & Jetson Nano

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  • LD19 D300 LiDAR Developer Kit
  • Long Service Time of 10,000 hours
  • Resistance to Strong Light of 30,000 lux
  • Distance Measurement up to a Radius of 12 m
  • All-round Laser Scanning of 360 degrees

The LD19 D300 LiDAR Developer Kit, 360 DToF Laser Scanner features a 360 degree laser scanner. It supports connection to Raspberry Pi, Jetson controllers, and PC computers through a USB port for debugging purposes. The outcome can be viewed using the official PC software. Additionally, it is possible to connect via a serial port and debug according to the defined interface and communication protocol.

With time-of-flight technology, the D300 LiDAR Kit can measure distances based on the flight time of the laser pulse. It achieves an average ranging accuracy of +-45mm within its effective detection range of 12m. This allows ROS robots to perform 360-degree environment detection, mapping, and obstacle avoidance. The Kit is compatible with both ROS1 and ROS2 systems. It comes with an SDK and professional technical support and is equipped with a brushless motor and high-speed wireless data transmission, the D300 LiDAR Kit has a service life of up to 10,000 hours.

The LiDAR utilizes first-class filter processing technology to effectively avoid glare interference. It can resist strong light up to 30,000 Lux, enabling high-frequency and high-precision distance measurement as well as accurate mapping both indoors and outdoors. The LiDAR rotates clockwise in the rangefinder core, allowing for 360-degree omnidirectional scanning and ranging detection of the surrounding environment. This enables the creation of contour maps and the acquisition of obstacle location information.

The D300 LiDAR Kit has a longer measurement range, allowing robots to perceive and acquire environmental information from a greater distance. This ensures the robot's ability to navigate and map over a large area. With its compact structure and low power consumption, the D300 LiDAR Kit can be easily integrated into robots, enhancing their performance and facilitating passage through tight spaces. The D300 LiDAR Kit utilizes a low-power infrared laser emitter as the light source, driven by modulated pulse technology.

Application Scenarios

The D300 LiDAR Kit is suitable for a wide range of applications, including open-source hardware (Raspberry Pi), AI robots, drones, programming robots, education, research, robot obstacle avoidance, shelf monitoring, autonomous navigation, and positioning.

Powerful Compatibility

- Supports Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson series, PC computers, and industrial computers.

- Compatible with ROS, Raspberry Pi, and Jetson robots.

- Mapping and navigation capabilities, supporting algorithms such as Gmapping, Hector, Karto, and Cartographer.

- Integration with the ROS environment, utilizing the RViz visualization widget for lidar information visualization, mapping, and navigation control.

- Map Nav APP (Android Only) for mapping, navigation, and image viewing.

- PC Debugging Software, compatible with Windows systems.

1x LD19 Lidar

1x Control Board

1x Charging Cable

1x Serial Cable

1x User Manual

38.59 x 38.59 x 34.8 mm

Model: LD19/D300

Type: Close range

Ranging principle: Time of Flight (TOF) ranging supports indoor and outdoor environments

Scanning angle: 360 degrees

Angular solution: 0.8 degrees

Measuring frequency: 4500 measurements per second

Scan frequency: 10 Hz

Weight: 42g

Measuring accuracy: Ranging from 3 to 12 m: +-20 mm

Light source: 905nm laser

Measuring radius: White object (13.4 m), Black object (13.4 m)

Minimum measuring distance: 0.1 m

Anti-ambient light intensity: 30KLux (Unit of light intensity)

Power supply: 5V DC

Working temperature: -10 to -40 �C

Storage temperature: -30 to -70 �C

Driving mode: Built-in brushless motor

Windows support: Provides Windows PC software

ROS support: ROS1/ROS2

Communication interface: Standard asynchronous serial port (UART)

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