Hiwonder MasterPi AI Vision Robot Arm with Mecanum Wheels Car Powered by Raspberry Pi Open Source Robot Car (Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB Included)

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  • Built on a Mecanum-wheel chassis, high-quality metal gear servos and HD camera
  • 5DOF robot arm and HD camera to locate and pick items
  • Advanced omnidirectional Mecanum wheels enable flexible 360° motion
  • Offering ultimate control over its motion, gripping, and transportation with a dedicated app.
  • Support Python programming and powered by Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB (Note: Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB board and expansion board are included in this kit)

Product Description

MasterPi is a smart vision robot car powered by Raspberry Pi. It is built on a Mecanum-wheel chassis, adopts high-quality metal gear servos and HD camera, and can be programmed in Python. With its impressive capabilities, MasterPi unlocks diverse AI applications.

1) AI Vision Robot Arm

The MasterPi's body is equipped with a 5-degree-of-freedom robotic arm that can easily grab and carry target items. The end of the MasterPi robotic arm is equipped with a HD wide-angle camera, which can perform eye-following operation.

2) 360° Omnidirectional Movement

With 4 omnidirectional mecanum wheels, MasterPi can move 360°. Different movement modes (move forward, horizontally, diagonally and rotate ) and excellent performance make it bold to challenge various complicated routes.

1. A Vision Recognition,Target Tracking

MasterPi uses OpenCV as image processing library to identify target items and complete Al games such as face tracking, color tracking, QR code recognition, gesture recognition, object recognition and line following.

1) First Person View, HD Transmitted Image

Masterpi supports WLAN and WIF direct connection modes. Conecting WiFi, the first person view wil be returned to app opeation interface, which gets remote control more exciting and real!

2) Color Sorting

With abundant tutorials and open source Pyton codes, roboticarm can carry out color recognition, picking and sorting.

3) Target Tracking

Through vision positioning of the target object and inverse kinematics algorithn of the robotic arm, the targe object can be better targeted and tracked.

2. Visual Line Following, Intelligent Handling

MasterPi takes OpenCV as image processing library and utilizes FPV to recognize and locate the target block so as to realize color sorting, color recognition, line following, and other AI games.

3. PC Software Control

With the graphical PC software, you can control the rotation of the robot servo by dragging slider without code, and can edit the robot action group.

4. Threshold Adjustment Tool

MaterPi is equipped with a color threshold adjustment tool that allows you to visually fine-tune the LAB color space.

5. APP Control

WonderPi APP supports Android and iOS. Switch game modes easily and quickly to experience various AI games.

6. Easy to build

MasterPi is easy to build with instruction. You can enjoy the fun of building by build a robot.

1* MasterPi robotic arm (assembled)

1* MasterPi brackets

1* Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB board (32G TF card & Cooling fan & Heat sink included)

1* Raspberry P 4B expansion board

1* Card reader

2* 18650 lithium battery

1* Battery case

1* Charger

1* micro USB cable

4* Orange mecanum wheel

4* TT motor

4* White wheel coupling

1* 4PIN wire

3* Block (3x3cm)

1* Screwdriver

1* Screw bag


Product dimension: 185*162*343mm

Product weight: 1100g

Body material: metal bracket

Camera resolution: 480P

Robotic arm DOF: 4DOF+gripper

Battery: 18650 lithium battery

Battery life: work for 60min continuously

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4B/5 and Raspberry Pi 4B/5 expansion board

Software: PC software, iOS/Android APP

Communication: Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Servo: LD-1501MG digital servo & LFD-01M micro servo

Control Method: PC and phone control

Package Size: 33*29*9cm (length*width*height)

Package Weight: About 1.6kg

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