Hiwonder Autonomous AI Sorting System for Education Demonstration Support Scratch and Python

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  • Muliti-robot cooperation for autonomous sorting system
  • Support Scratch and Python for different programming requirement
  • Equipped with WonderCam vision module, it can handle various recognition tasks at ease
  • Education demonstration robot kit for different learning applications

Autonomous AI Sorting System is an educational demonstration robot kit integrating various AI elements. This system consists of multiple components, including an AiNova vision robot car, two AiArm vision robot arms, and electric conveyor belt, an electric sliding rail, a variety of sorting props, and a map.Leveraging AI vision capabilities, robot car and robot arms can effectively recognize different waster categories. Once waste category is identified, they collaborate with sliding rail and conveyor belt transport and deposit objects into corresponding trash bin.

Autonomous Al Sorting System offers a highly realistic simulation of real-world operational scenarios. This enables a vivid and direct demonstration artificial intelligence,robot engineering,and multi-machine cooperation technologies.Therefore,it serves as a nice tool for teaching students how to incorporate Al technology into everyday applications.

- Fully Equipped, Rapid Setup

The robot kit comes with abundant components, including an AiNova vision robot car, two AiArm vision robot arms, an electric conveyor belt,an electric sliding rail, a variety of sorting props, and a map. With these resources at your disposal, you can easily construct a miniature intelligent city sorting system.

- AiNova Smart Transport Robot Car

Loaded with a 4-ch line follower,Al vision module and gripper, AiNova is able to detect waste while navigating along a line, then transport the detected waste to specific position.

- Cooperative Intelligent Sorting

1) AiArm Vision Robot Arm 1

Utilizing its Al vision capabilities, robot arm 1 can identify waste blocks,pick them up, and carefully place them onto the electric conveyor belt.

2)AiArm Vision Robot Arm 2

Robot arm 2 is responsible for detecting waste blocks on the conveyor belt and determining waste category using Al vision module. It glides along the sliding rail and precisely drop down waste blocks to corresponding trash bins.

- Scratch&Python 2in1

Autonomous AI Sorting System can be programmed using Scratch and Python, which caters to users with varying levels of proficiency

- Scratch 3.0 Visual Programming

Scratch is a user-friendly and visually intuitive programming language. With Scratchm you can effortlessly drag and drop code blocks to program the robot.

- Python Programming

Visual programs can be seamlessly converted into Python code, providing an opportunity to learn advanced programming skills.

- Al Intelligent Vision Module

1)Swift Image Processing

AiNova is loaded with a WonderCam vision module that possesses powerful computing capabilities. This allows for one-click Al training, eliminating the need for complex training processes and intricate vision algorithms.

2)With Metal Protective Case

Protective Case WonderCam is encased in a metal protective case, offering full protection against scratch and enhancing its overall appearance.

3)Built-in 2-inch TIPS Color Screen

WonderCam features a built-in 2-inch IPS color screen with a 320x 240 resolution, providing a clear and first-person view user interface.

4)One-click Training Learning

WonderCam is not only capable of recognizing pre-built materials, but it can also be used to train other models. In addition, you can control the entire model entire model training process by configuring parameters and indicators.

- Al Vision Recognition

Diverse Recognition Modes:

WonderCam Al vision can perform various Al vision functions, such as facial recognition, object tagging, color recognition, and road sign recognition.

1) Facial Recognition

WonderCam can detect a specified human capturing its position and size for precise facial detection, recognition, and track the position and 3D conversion data of the rec- ing purposes.

2) Tag Recognition

WonderCam is capable of recognizing AprilTag. Through I2C port,external device can retrieve the position and 3D conversion data of the recognized tag,allowing for spatial localization.

3) Color Recognition

WonderCam has the ability to recognize and retrieve their size and position,enabling color recognition and tracking functionalities.

4) Road Sign Detection

WonderCam can implement intelligent transportation and autonomous driving functions by recognizing road signs.

AiArm Vision Robot Arm Parameters:

Size: 285 * 162 * 440mm

Weight: 1.7kg

Material: Hard aluminium alloy + PC plastic

Camera: WonderCam vision module

Display: 2-inch IPS, 320 x 240 resolution, size: 41 * 31mm

DOF: 5+1

Hardware: CoreX controller

Software: PC software and WoderCode (Scratch and Python)

Servo Control: LX-15D, HTD-20L and HX-06L serial bus servo

Control Method: PC software

Power supply of robot arm 1: 7.5V 7A DC 5.5*2.5 and 7.5V 3A DC 3.5*1.35 power adaptor

Power supply of robot arm 2: 7.5V 7A DC 5.5*2.5 power adaptor

AiNova Robot Car Parameters:

Size: 240 * 140 * 190mm

Weight: 0.74kg

Material: Metal bracket

Camera: WonderCam vision module

Display: 2-inch IPS, 320 x 240 resolution, size: 41 * 31mm

Power supply: 18650 Lipo battery (3.7V 1800mah) * 2

Battery life: 45 minutes

Hardware: CoreX controller

Software: PC software and WoderCode (Scratch and Python)

Servo model: HX-08L serial bus servo

Control method: PC software

Map: 966*1450mm

AiArm robot arm: 285*162*440mm

AiNova robot car: 240*140*190mm

AiArm Vision Robot Arm 1:

1* AiArm robot arm 1

1* WonderCam vision module

1* 7.5V 7A DC5.5*2.5 power adaptor

1* 7.5V 3A DC3.5*1.35 power adapter

AiArm Vision Robot Arm 2:

1* AiArm robot 2

1* WonderCam vision module

1* 7.5V 7A DC5.5*2.5 power adapter

AiNova Robot Car

1* AiNova Robot Car

1* WonderCam vision module

1* Gripper

2* 18650 Lipo battery (3.7V 1800 mAh)

1* Battery charger

1* USB cable


1* Electric conveyor belt

1* Electric sliding rail

1* Base board set

4* Trash bin (red, green, blue, gray)

1* Waster card set (4*4cm)

6* Block (4*4cm)

1* USB cable

1* Map (1450*966mm)

1* Screwdriver

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