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  • HD wide-angle camera with FPV transmission, utilizing OpenCV for color, tag, and face recognition, enabling applications like color sorting and target tracking
  • Employs inverse kinematics for precise tracking and gripping, includes detailed analysis and source code
  • Multiple control methods including WonderPi app (iOS/Android), wireless handle, mouse, PC software, and ROS
  • Excels in Industry 4.0 tasks like stocking in/out and transfer, guided by intelligent vision
  • Programmable in Python and powered by Raspberry Pi 4B (Note: No Raspberry Pi 4B board is included, but this kit comes with Expansion board for Raspberry Pi 4B) )

Product Description

ArmPi FPV is an open source AI robot arm based on Robot Operating System and powered by Raspberry Pi. Loaded with high performance intelligent servos and AI camera, and programmable using Python, it is capable of vision recognition and gripping.

1) 6DOF Robot Arm, First Person View

Loaded with 120° wide angle camera and processing image with OpenCV, ArmPi FPV can achieve color recognition, color sorting, target tracking, and intelligent palletizing.

2) Powered by Raspberry Pi, High-quality Hardware

ArmPi FPV is controlled by Raspberry Pi and is equipped with a variety of high-performance servos with strong power. The end of the robotic arm is equipped with a duralumin alloy mechanical claw.

3) ArmPi FPV is equipped with a high-definition wide-angle camera, uses OpenCV as the image processing library, and supports AI intelligent image recognition. ArmPi FPV can detect targets in the recognition area, calculate the target's position coordinates and placement angle, and combine it with the inverse kinematics algorithm of the robotic arm to achieve free grasping.

2. AI Vision Recognition Target Tracking

ArmPi FPV uses OpenCV as the image processing library and can use the First Vision HD camera to carry out color recognition and coordinate positioning of marked items, thereby realizing artificial intelligence projects such as color block sorting, color tracking, and visual line patrol.

1) Color Tracking

With vision positioning and inverse kinematics algorithm of the robotic arm, the target object can be better targeted and tracked.

2) Color Sorting

ArmPiFPV can sort blocks by recognizing their colors. Inaddition to recognizing preset colors, it is also capable of identifying customized colors.

3) Intelligent Stacking

ArmPi FPV possesses the capabilities to recognize different AprilTags as well as locate them to achieve intelligent stacking.

4) Facial Detection

ArmPiFP utilizes OpenCV to load the trained modelf face detection. When recognizing human faceitwilinteract wthyou

4. iOS/ Android APP Control

The APP's remote control interface uses a two-dimensional visualization drag-and-drop interface. By dragging the robotic arm's body joints and using the control buttons, it is easy to manipulate the robotic arm's movement!

5. Support Python Programming

ArmPi FPV supports python programming.All intelligent Python code is open source,with detailed annotations for easy self-study.

Hardware Features:

1) Powered by Raspberry Pi

ArmPi FPV is powered by Raspberry Pi 4B/5 controller allowing you to embark on motion control, machine vision, and OpenCV projects.

2) HD 120° Wide Angle Camera

Loaded with 120° wide- angle camera, ArmPi FPV can look around 180° , and up and down 180°.

3) Smart Serial Bus Servo

ArmPi FPV adopts intelligent serial bus servo which features high accuracy, data feedback functionality and simplified wiring.

4) Anodized Bracket

ArmPi FPV's body is constructed with anodized metal brackets. The controller is equipped with a sturdy metal shell that offers excellent protection.

6. Inverse Kinematics

ArmPi FPV comes with built-in inverse kinematics, enabling users to decompose the motion control of the robot arm's servos. This allows ArmPi FPV to achieve more precise and agile performance in object tracking and gripping.

7. ROS MoveIt

ArmPi FPV employs MoveIt that is provided by ROS, an open-source robotics middleware suite, for motion planning.

8. Support Sensor Expansion

ArmPi FPV can be compatible with a variety of electronic module expansions, such as fan modules, luminous ultrasonics, touch sensors, etc., to create more AI creative projects.

9. Support Mecanum Wheel Chassis Expansion

ArmPi Pro is based on ArmPi FPV, adding an omnidirectional Mecanum wheel chassis. The chassis is a component, equipped with a high-torque encoder motor and a 12000mAh large-capacity lithium battery, and needs to be assembled by the user.

1* ArmPi FPV (assembled)

1* Raspberry Pi 4B expansion board

1* 7. 5V 6A adapter

1* Map

3* Color block (3*3cm)

3* Color ball (4*4 cm)

3* Wooden block (3*3cm)

3* Tag (3*3cm)

1* Card reader

1* Screwdriver

1* Manual

4* Suction Cup

1* Shelves (Unassembled)

1* Screws

277* 177* 428mm

Size: 277* 177* 428mm

Product weight: 1200g

Material: Metal bracket

Resolution: 480P

Robotic arm(DOF): 6DOF(5DOF+gripper)

Power: 7.5V 6A DC adapter

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4B/5 and Raspberry Pi 4B/5 expansion board

Software: PC software+iOS/ Android APP

Grab weight: More than 500g

Control Method: PC software and APP

Package Size: 51*30*16cm

Package Weight: About 2.3kg

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