DaDa:bit AI Programmable Building Block Kit Powered by micro:bit with WonderCam AI Vision Module Supports Sensor Expansion

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  • 【One-Click Learning】DaDa:bit AI's WonderCam AI vision module with HD camera enables easy AI projects like color recognition and line following
  • 【Easy micro Programming】 Using drag-and-drop modules, DaDa:bit AI makes learning programming simple and fun for kids.
  • 【Versatile and Expandable】With ten shapes and sensor compatibility, DaDa:bit AI offers endless creative possibilities.

Product Description

The programmable kit developed for STEAM education includes micro:bit, expansion board, WonderCam AI vision module, various electronic modules and LEGO structural parts. It supports micro:bit programming and can build a variety of creative scenes. It provides 20 creative shapes, comes with study manuals and course materials, and provides comprehensive teaching from construction to programming, allowing children to easily realize creative production.

1) WonderCam AI Vision Module

DaDa:bit AI features a high-performance WonderCam AI vision module with an integrated HD camera. This module enables various AI applications, including color recognition, vision line following, target tracking, and more.

2) Powered by micro:bit

DaDa:bit AI is a programmable robot kit based on micro:bit, which uses micro:bit as the core controller. It is suitable for learning micro:bit programming.

3) One-click Training and Learning for Limitless AI Creativity

DaDa:bit AI's AI vision module is integrated with some learning algorithms, allowing it to complete diverse AI vision projects such as color recognition and vision line following.

4) Color Recognition

① One-click Training and Learning

The WonderCam AI vision module has a built-in learning algorithm that can quickly complete various AI vision projects such as color recognition.

② AI Robot Arm

The AI robotic arm uses color recognition to grab four colors and place them in four different locations.

③ AI Color Sorter

The AI color sorter performs color recognition through the AI vision module. Color 1 will be sorted to the left, and color 2 will be sorted to the right.

④ AI Handler

When the AI Handler recognizes color, it recognizes color 1, grabs the color block and puts it at the end point.

5) Road Sign Recognition

① AI Catapult

The AI catapult recognizes road signs, recognizes that it is going straight, and throws Lego structural parts forward. Recognize left turn and throw left.

② AI Multi-Legged Robot

The AI multi-legged robot recognizes the corresponding card and will move forward, turn left, right or stop.

6) Image Classification

① Al Waste Sorter

The Al waste sorter can recognize the garbage card and open the corresponding trash can through image classification.

7) Number Recognition

① AI Transporter

The AI transport robot recognizes the number 1 at the starting point and carries the object to position 1. Then continue to follow the line to the starting point and see the number 2 placed in position 2.

② AI Wing

The AI wing recognizes numbers and recognizes the number cards 1, 2, and 3, and will adjust the speed of flapping wing.

8) Face Recognition

① AI Fan

The AI fan recognizes the face through the WonderCam AI vision module, and will start to rotate the fan and follow the human face.

② AI Greeter

The AI greeter can realize face recognition. When it sees the face, it will start to swing. On the contrary, it will stop swinging when it cannot see the face.

1* WonderCam Vision module (with protective case)

1* 4-ch line following sensor

1* micro:bit expansion board

1* 18650 LiPo battery (1800mAh)

1* USB data cable

3* Tag

1* Traffic signs (set)

1* Waste cards (set)

1* Number cards (set)

1* EVA block 35mm (set)

4* 4PIN sensor wire

3* LEGO block servo 270°

4* LEGO block servo 360°

1* Accessory bag

1* LEGO Structural Components

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