AiNex ROS Education AI Vision Humanoid Robot Powered by Raspberry Pi Inverse Kinematics Learning Teaching Kit (Starter Kit/ WIth Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB)

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  • Featuring ROS, Raspberry Pi 4B, 24 intelligent servos, an HD camera, and movable hands for lifelike human mimicry
  • Inverse kinematics algorithm for precise pose control and smooth, omnidirectional movement
  • With machine vision and OpenCV, AiNex excels in precise object recognition and target interaction
  • Control AiNex via the WonderROS app (iOS/Android), a wireless handle, or PC software for versatile operation
  • Note: The AINex Starter Kit does not include movable hands for the gripping function

Product Introduction

AiNex standard is an intelligent humanoid robot built on the Robot Operating System (ROS). It boasts 24 degrees of freedom (DOF) and is powered by a Raspberry Pi. With self-stabilizing inverse kinematics, AiNex excels in walking, climbing, hurdling, grasping, and performing complex movements. Furthermore, its height, turning radius, and speed can be adjusted!

Equipped with a 2DOF AI vision camera and robotic hands that can open or close, AiNex can accomplish tasks like line following, target tracking, ball shooting, intelligent picking and sorting, transportation, stair climbing, and more, using AI vision and advanced kinematics. We offer comprehensive ROS source code and detailed tutorials to bring your AI scenarios to life.

1) 2 DOF HD Wide-angle Camera

The head of AiNex is equipped with a 120° high-definition wide-angle camera, which can effectively identify and locate target objects by utilizing OpenCV image processing.

2) Powered by Raspberry Pi

AiNex is controlled by a Raspberry Pi and is equipped with intelligent high-voltage bus servos. It is programmed in Python and can complete a variety of AI intelligent applications such as color tracking and face detection.

3) Movable Hand Anti-blocking Protection

AiNex standard can be expanded by mechanical hands, which can flexibly grab and carry small items. The hand servos provide angle and temperature feedback, effectively preventing damage caused by obstructions.

4) Dual Hip Joints Original Structure

AiNex is equipped with two hip joints to support the rotation of the legs on the Z-axis, making the robot more flexible in turning. The hip joint is equipped with a magnetic encoder bus servo, which provides high accuracy and stability.

5) 24 DOF Aluminium Alloy Structure

AiNex standard is constructed from aluminum alloy and features up to 24 degrees of freedom (DOF), empowering the robot to execute a wide range of actions and ensuring its flexibility in movement.

6) X, Y, Z Axis Coincident Design

AiNex is equipped with two hip joints to support the rotation of the legs on the X-axis,Y-axis and Z-axis,making the robot more flexible in turning. The structural design incorporates overlapping X-axis,Y-axis and Z-axis, ensuring orthogonal alignment. This integration not only enhances AiNex's bionic qualities but also significantly improves the robot's flexibility in movement.

7) Gait Planning Free Adjustment

① Self-stabilizing Gait Algorithm

AiNex's body incorporates a semi-closed-loop self-stabilizing gait algorithm. This algorithm enables real-time dynamic adjustments to the robot's gait.

② Adjustable Height, Speed, Direction and Turning Radius

AiNex's height, speed, and turning radius are easily adjusted, allowing it to execute turns while walking.

③ Provide Inverse Kinematics Function & Debugging Software

We offer comprehensive biped kinematics analysis, ROS-based inverse kinematics functions, and parameter debugging software to reduce project development timelines.

8) Vision Recognition Target Tracking

AiNex uses Opencv as image processing library to identify target items and complete Al games such as color recognition, color tracking, face detection and apriltag recognition.

① Color Recognition and Tracking

AiNex utilizes OpenCV to process image for recognizing and locating the color. When it detects the color red, AiNex nods. Upon detecting green or blue, the robot will shake its head. Moreover, it can track the movement of the target color using PID algorithm.

② Face Detection

AiNex loads a pre-trained face detection model using OpenCV and performs a greeting action when recognizing a human face.

③ AprilTag Recognition

AiNex can identify AprilTags and respond with various actions based on the recognition outcome. The robot kit comes with AprilTags, allowing you to program customized reactions corresponding to each tag.

④ Autonomous PID Line Following

By utilizing the PID algorithm for computation and employing camera-based recognition, AiNex can change its gait to successfully follow the line.

⑤ Auto Shooting

AiNex can calculate the distance to the target by determining its coordinates. Subsequently, it autonomously adjusts its gait to accomplish ball shooting.

9) MediaPipe Development Upgraded Al lnteraction

Developed upon MediaPip ealgorithm, AiNex can identify humanbody features to enable functions like face detection, gesture recognition, and human body recognition among others.

10) Somatosensory Control

AiNex can execute appropriate actions upon recognizing the human body.

11) Fingertip Trajectory Control

Based on the detection of the distance between fingertips AiNex can adjustits height accordingly.

12) Upgraded Gait Algorithm,Revolutionary Breakthrough

① Autonomous PID Line Following

② Low Clearance Passage

③ Up and Down Steps

④ Autonomous Hurdling

13) Movable Hand Flexible Picking

AiNex standard can be expanded by mechanical hands which can flexibly grab and carry small items catering to wider range of Al creative scenarios.

① Ingenious Design & Anti-blocking Protection

The hands are capable of fully opening up to 72mm wide for easy handling of small objects. The hand servos provide angle and temperature feedback, effectively preventing damage caused by obstructions.

② AI Recognition & Smart Sorting

The camera positioned at AiNex's head can identify and pinpoint target-colored blocks, enabling it to pick up and sort these objects.

③ Autonomous Grabbing & Object Transportation

Using vision, it can calculate the distance to objects and, depending on the distance, automatically adjust its gait to transport the objects to the designated position.

14) App Control (iOS/ Android)

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android systems, offering a wide rangeof Al games and live first-person-view camera feeds.

15) Action Group Editing Software

Debug action on PC software - > Save it to control panel - > Control terminal configures control command

Using graphical PC software, you can effortlessly control servos and customize actions by simply dragging sliders, without the need for programming.

16) ROS/ SDK Deep Development

AiNex is built on Robot Operating System (ROS), enabling flexible deployment and expansion of robot's functionalities. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive source code and ROS simulation models to facilitate convenient ROS algorithm research and secondary development.

17) Gazebo Simulation

AiNex standard utilizes the ROS framework and offers Gazebo simulation support. Gazebo provides a novel approach for controlling AiNex and validating algorithms within a simulated environment, reducing the need for physical experiments and enhancing efficiency.

1* AiNex starter (24 DOF)

1* 12.6V 2A charger (DC5.5 * 2.5 male)

1* Wireless handle

1* Card reader

1* Purple ball (6.3cm)

3* Block (3.5 * 3.5cm)

1* Screwdriver + Accessory bag

1* User Manual

193 * 135 * 415mm

Product size: 193 * 135 * 415mm(Standard Kit)

DOF: 20DOF(Starter Kit); 24DOF(Standard Kit)

Speed: 21cm/s

App: WonderROS, Android/ iOS

Joint feedback: voltage, position and temperature

Camera: 120° wide-angle, 1 megapixel, manual focus

Intelligent servo: HX-35H serial bus servo; HX-35HM magnetic encoder serial bus servo; HX-12H serial bus servo

IMU module: 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerator and 3-axis compass

Controller: Raspberry Pi 4B

CPU: Broadcom BCM2711 Quad core Cortex-A72

Storage: 32GB SD card

Operating system: ROS

Product weight: 2.25kg(Starter); 2.45kg(Standard)

Power supply: 11.1V 3500mAh 5C LiPo battery

PC software: AiNex visual action editor

Package size: 50*29*23cm

Package weight: 3.7kg

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