EBO Air Full House Mobile Monitoring

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  • EBO Air Full House Mobile Monitoring
  • Offers AI tracking recognition and shooting function
  • Features infrared night vision function
  • Multi-user accounts Login
  • Abnormal video alarm/message push
  • Communication: Wifi/P2P transmission

The EBO Air Full House Mobile Monitoring is a security robot that can be remotely controlled by a mobile phone APP. It can move around the house. With EBO, you can check the real-time situations in every corner of the house. You can also use EBO to accompany your family and make interaction. At the same time, you can also set a time for an automatic cruise, any abnormal situation will be pushed to your phone.

Caring for family anytime, anywhere whether you are going to work, school, or traveling on business, you can view every corner of the home through EBO's 1080p HD camera, you may turn on the voice button to chat with family members, play with your pet, and participate in every aspect of your family life.

EBO, as a family robot companion that can move around the house, has real-time monitoring functions, supports playback and multi-account login, gets rid of the limitation of charging cables and can reach every corner of the house.

Automatic recharge, all-day companion: ebabot wants to solve your battery anxiety and set up an automatic recharging function for EBO. When the battery is low, EBO will return to the charging station to charge. You don't have to worry about charging EBO every day. What you need to do Just turn on the EBO after unpacking.

Automatic patrol, and alarm for changes: EBO is a responsible home companion. At the set time, EBO will come out of the charging pile for home patrols. The high-performance TOF sensor will prevent EBO from bumping. The system will automatically detect the abnormally moving objects in EBO's view and notify through the mobile phone APP.

AI Tracking: EBO can intelligently recognize and follow the nearby human and pets, one simple touch and EBO will automatically track the selected target.

Automatic shooting: In AI, EBO can actively capture and shoot video clips related to the selected subject.

Automatic editing: When enough material is collected, EBO can automatically edit two videos of different lengths and share them with you regularly every day.

Anti-dropping: Three-sided TOF, it will stop automatically when it encounters dangling when advancing.

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