DC 5.0V 15BY Stepper Geared Motor w/ Motor Driver Kits, Gear Ratio 1/10

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  • 15mm diameter stepper motor, voltage range of 5 to 12V, 18 degree step angle, two-phase
  • Fully metallic gearbox, multiple gear ratios available
  • Infrared remote controller, range of 0 to 8 meters for easy control
  • Controller PCB measuring 52L x 36W mm, with speed display ranging from 0 to 9 levels

The DC 5.0V 15BY Stepper Geared Motor w/ Motor Driver Kits, Gear Ratio 1/10 and Infrared Remote Controller Kits is widely used for Intelligent Camera PTZ and Intelligent Robot Corner applications.

12SG 15BY 10 stepper geared motor

1x Infrared remote controller

1x 15BY motor driver

1x Lead wires

2x Sets

15D Stepper Motor: 15mm x 11mm

Gearbox: 12mm x 10mm x 9mm

Shaft: 3mm x 10mm, D-shaped

15BY Stepper Motor:

Voltage: 5V DC

Coil Resistance: 30 ohms 10%

Number of Phases: 2

Step Angle: 18 degrees/Step

Maximum Starting Frequency: 900 PPS minimum

Maximum Slewing Frequency: 1200 PPS minimum

Pull-In Torque: 6 gf.cm minimum

Lead-Out Torque: 10 gf.cm minimum

12SG 15BY 10 Stepper Geared Motor:

Phase: 2 phase, 4 wires

Gear Ratio: 1/10

Geared Stepper Angle: 1.86 degrees

1000PPS Speed: 300 RPM

Phase Current: 150 mA/phase

Phase Resistance: 30 7% ohm/phase

Phase Inductance: 9.5 mH/phase

Holding Torque: 0.14 Kg.cm

Pull-Out Torque: 0.04 Kg.cm

Maximum Starting Frequency: > 1200 PPS

Maximum Slewing Frequency: > 900 PPS.

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