KITXLRSD1V3_25177. Transparent Data Link and Radio Control (15-25Km), Max.100Km.

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  • RX and TX: 863-950Mhz | 1000mW (+30dBi) | -116dBm | Antenna: BQ89 (Biquad antenna 866-920Mhz, 9dBi).
  • Transparent Data Link / Mavlink Telemetry + Radio Control prepared for all types of applications with Aerial, Land, Maritime Vehicles or DIY projects.
  • Working range: 15-25Km. Maximum range: 100Km (LOS).
  • BTSD1V3: The PC, Smart Phone or Tablet can be connected via USB or WIFI with several simultaneous connections. Has a SPPM or PWM input to connect a standard RC transmitter.
  • FHSS, Fixed Channel, AES128 Encyption, Transparent Data Link / Mavlink Telemetry...

Professional system formed by BTSD1V3 and RXLRS modules (Transparent Data Link / Telemetry Mavlink + Radio Control) prepared for all types of FPV or DIY projects with 1000mW RF Power, -116dBm sensitivity, FHSS, AES128 Encryption to work between 15-25Km (LOS) and with maximum range of 100km (LOS).

Data Link:

This radio set it allows you to connect to a autopilot (Pixhawk, Cube, APM...) and a computer with software (Mission Planner, QGroundControl...) with mavlink protocol.

Also this set allows it to be used for DIY projects, point-to-point systems, receiving data from special sensors to ground, etc.

The interface for the data in DL1RX is through the serial port TTL 3.3V, "MODEM" (GND, TX, RX) and for BTSD1V3 it can be connected by Micro USB (Micro-B), Wifi or by the serial port TTL 3.3V "COM5" mini jack 3.5mm.

Radio Control:

Connect the trainer port of your standard RC Transmitter (Futaba, Hitec, Spektrum, Sanwa, Tactic…) to the SPPM input of the BTSD1V3 and will automatically detect the Joysticks and channels of the RC transmitter.

The mixes are performed on the standar RC transmitter.

Radio Encrypted:

The system uses AES 128 encrytion, The Radio Control information and the data of the radiomodem (Data Link Transparent) or Mavlink Telemetry are encrypted.

BTSD1 V3 Improvements and benefits:

- Larger color display, you can see more data, RF coverage and telemetry.

- Encoder for menu and configuration.

- Mounted with the BQ89 directional antenna to achieve the best range at the lowest cost.

BTSD1 V3 Transmitter connections

- USB: PC connection for Mavlink or transparent protocol, update firmware and battery charge.

- SPPM: PWM input for standard RC transmitter connection.

- RCBus: Receiver firmware update, data and extensions.

- COM5: TTL serial port for Mavlink output or transparent protocol (connection to antenna trackers).

- WIFI: With several simultaneous connections for PC, Smart Phone or tablets without cable. It is a novelty and an advantage with the data links of the market since it facilitates the connection with a portable PC or tablet..


It uses the RXLRS high performance long range RC receiver with standard servo outputs, SPPM for autopilot connection, RCBus and TTL serial port for telemetry..

Connections on the receiver:

- COM5: TTL serial port for Mavlink Telemetry or transparent protocol.

- RCBus: Firmware update data and extensions.

- CH1-8 Channls RC for servos.

x1 BTSD1V3-89, Professional Transmitter, Transparent Data Link / Mavlink Telemetry + Radio Control.

x1 RXLRX-89, Professional Receiver, Transparent Data Link / Mavlink Telemetry + Radio Control.

x1 BQ89. Biquad Antenna

x1 ANTGSM900, Omnidirectional antenna 868-928Mhz, 5dBi.

x1 BQ89. Biquad antenna 866-920Mhz, 9dBi.

x1 LAT54_SMAH/SMAM. Cable SMA-Female to SMA-Male, 540mm.

x1 CABLE_SERVO_HH. Cable Servo RC Female to Female, 200mm.

x1 CABLE_EXT_SERVO_MH. Extensor Cable Servo RC Male to Female, 300mm.

x1 CABLE_PX4_RX. Adapted Cable for Pixhawk-RX, 300mm.

x1 CABLE_USB/MICROUSB. Cable USB-A Male to Micro USB-B Male, 2m.

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