Cubemars RI80 KV75 Frameless Inrunning Torque Motor for Robots

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Manufacturer #: RI80 KV75

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  • Voltage: 12V and 48V
  • Lower cogging torque for improved control
  • High torque density and responsiveness
  • High precision control with 0.01 degree accuracy

The Cubemars RI80 KV75 Frameless Inrunning Torque Motor for Robots features high torque density, strong dynamic performance, low cogging torque, and smooth running with low noise. It is designed with a 0.5mm clearance on the edge of the stator for better installation and excellent copper fill factor to meet high torque density and dynamics. Additionally, the overall height of the rotor has been increased by 3mm, which makes it easier for the rotor to sense the hall sensor when installed. The motor is designed with a curved permanent magnet BEMF sinus motor design for easy control and can be used in a working environment of 40degC to 85degC. Encoder options are available for high resolution, high precision control with 0.01 degrees of accuracy, compatible with Renishaw, Sick and other high precision encoders. This motor is suitable for applications such as exoskeletons, medical equipment, aerospace and cobot arms.

OD: 85 mm

ID: 40.5 mm

Height: 26 mm

Weight (g): 411.2

Voltage (V): 24/36/48

Rated Torque (Nm): 1.45

Peak Torque (Nm): 4.1

Max Speed @ Rated Torque (rpm): 1280/1980/2805

Rated Current (A): 10.4

Peak Current (A): 29.3

Kt (Nm/A): 0.14

Ke (V/rpm): 0.0147

Leading Wire: 200mm 16#AWG

Kv (RPM/V): 75

Km (Nm/w): 0.2406

Moment of Inertia (g.c): 176.68

Pole Pairs: 7

Resistance Phase to Phase (mohms): 280

Inductance Phase to Phase (uH): 988.3

Max Torque Weight Ratio (Nm/kg): 9.97

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