12V, 1.7A, 667oz-in NEMA-17 Bipolar Stepper Motor

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  • Bipolar stepper motor with planetary gearbox
  • 0.018° step angle and 48 kg·cm of torque at low speeds
  • Step accuracy: ± 5 %
  • Comes with the rear shaft exposed

The 12V, 1.7A, 667oz-in NEMA-17 Bipolar Stepper Motor has an integrated planetary gearbox with a 99 1044/2057 :1 ratio. It comes with the rear shaft exposed, so you can mount an encoder or shaft coupler. When connected to a bipolar HC, the motor has a maximum speed of 34 RPM. At the output of the gearbox, the step angle is approximately 0.018°. When using the step angle in calculations, you should derive the exact step angle by dividing 1.8° by the gearbox reduction ratio. At 1.7 Amps, this gearbox stepper can produce a maximum torque of 250 kg-cm.

12V, 1.7A, 667oz-in NEMA-17 Bipolar Stepper Motor


Note: The 2.8V refers to the phase voltage which is different than the 12V rating we give it. At the end of the day, stepper motors don't have a "Rated Voltage" per se. You can run them at a wide range of different voltages and it will just change the performance of the motor. We recommend that you use this motor at a minimum of 12V but you could run it at 24, or 30 if you wanted to and the motor would simply perform a bit better (require less current for a given speed and torque).

  • Shaft diameter: 8mm
  • Rear shaft diameter: 3.9mm
  • Weight: 564g


  • Motor type: Bipolar Stepper
  • Step angle: 0.018°
  • Step accuracy: ± 5 %
  • Rated torque: 48 kg·cm


  • Gearbox type: Planetary
  • Backlash error: 1 1⁄2°
  • Maximum strength of gears: 48 kg·cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Good Quality Construction

This product was made with high quality material and the construction is a lot more solid than I anticipated. I am quite happy with it. The only reason I put a 4 star is that I wish it had more mounting holes especially for the larger motors you would need more pivot points on the structure. It took me extra time to design my 3D printed structure to get it to hold properly but overall with good design you can overcome with small setback.

Accurate and powerful

This engine is ideal for those wanting maximum precision (at the price of speed) and increased power. However, be aware that this engine is VERY slow, so do not be surprised (perfect for turntables).

motor equipped with gear motor

Delivery is very fast (2 working days). This pap motor is precise and powerful.

Great product and great value

These geared stepper motors are technically exactly what I required (100:1 reduction), then combined with a 32X micro stepping controller I am able to get 640,000 steps per revolution. The products where delivered within a few days, during which time I was able to fully track the parcel. I would use RobotShop again. Paul

moteur pap équipé de motoreducteur

La livraison est très rapide(2 jours ouvré). Ce moteur pap est précis et puissant.

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