Hiwonder TurboPi Raspberry Pi Omnidirectional Mecanum Wheels Robot Car Kit with Camera, Open Source, Python for Beginners (Raspberry Pi included)

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  • Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B (included in this kit) and open source
  • Support Python programming
  • 360 degree omnidirectional movement and filed of view
  • Loaded with glowy ultrasonic sensor for obstacle avoidance
  • Combine camera and OpenCV to recognize and track items

Note: If you already have a Raspberry Pi, please check the link below to purchase another TurboPi verision without Raspberry Pi: https://www.robotshop.com/products/hiwonder-turbopi-raspberry-pi-omnidirectional-mecanum-wheels-robot-car-kit-with-camera-open-source-python-beginners-no-raspberry-pi-included

TurboPi Tutorial: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1x5IXJTTF_mz3FnN-iiRB4MxgKbYnIj25?usp=sharing

TurboPi is an open source AI vision robot car designed for beginners. It is built on Mecanum wheel chassis, powered by Raspberry Pi 4B, loaded with 120-degree wide angle camera and uses OpenCV to process images.

Equipped with RGB glowy ultrasonic sensor whose light can be adjusted, TurboPi is able to avoid obstacle smartly. In addition, it also supports variety of sensors to turn your creative AI ideas into reality. Abundant tutorials and Python source codes are provided to help you advance quickly into robot technology, machine vision and artificial intelligence!

1) 360° Omnidirectional Movement

With 4 omnidirectional mecanum wheels, TurboPi can move 360°. Different movement modes (move forward, horizontally, diagonally and rotate ) and excellent performance make it bold to challenge various complicated routes.

① 360° Omnidirectional Movement

With 4 omnidirectional mecanum wheels, TurboPi can move 360°. Different movement modes (move forward, horizontally, diagonally and rotate ) and excellent performance make it bold to challenge various complicated routes.

② 2DOF Pan Tilt for 360° View

Equipped with 2 anti-blocking servos, pan tilt can rotate 130° vertically and 180° horizontally, which contributes to 360° camera field of view.

2)AI Vision Recognition, Target Tracking

TurboPi is powered by Raspberry Pi, takes OpenCV as image processing library, adopts Jupter Lab development tool, programmed in Python3 and armed with 2DOF camera pan tilt and DC TT motor. It is skilled in face tracking, color tracking, QR code recognition, gesture recognition, object recognition, license plate recognition, line following and many more AI games.

① Color Recognition and Tracking

Working with OpenCV, TurboPi can track specific color. After you select the color on the APP, it emits light of corresponding color and moves with the object of that color.

② Target Tracking, Different Tracking Modes

TurboPi tracks the target within its view with OpenCV. It supports two tracking modes. You can make pan tilt or pan tilt together with car body move with the target.

③ Gesture Recognition, Man-robot Interaction

TurboPi cooperates with OpenCV to count fingers. Then interact with you based on the number of finger, such as honk horn, twist and change color of light.

④ Face Detection and Tracking

With the help of OpenCV, TurboPi can track human face within its field of view, and move with it.

⑤ QR Code Control

TurboPi can recognize and read QR code to perform related actions.

3)Two Driving Modes

① Visual Line Following

To achieve line following, it extracts ROI area with OpenCV first. Then remove noise to locate the line on binary image. Lastly, use PID algorithm to perform direction calibration.

② Following with 4-channel Line Follower

TurboPi uses 4 infrared probes on 4-channel line follower to detect and follow line.

4) Autonomous Driving

It combines 4-channel line follower and camera to achieve autonomous driving. Line follower is responsible for line following function, and camera is used to recognize traffic light and road signs.

5)APP Control, FPV Transmitted Image

Android and iOS APP are available for robot remote control. Via the APP, you can control the robot in real time and switch various AI games just by one tap.

① Quickly Experience AI Games

WonderPi APP supports Android and iOS. Switch game modes easily and quickly to experience various AI games.

② First Person View, HD Transmitted Image

TurboPi supports LAN and WiFi direct connection modes. After WiFi connection, the first person view will be transmitted to APP interface, which brings you more exciting and real robot control experience!

③ Glowy Ultrasonic Sensor for Obstacle Avoidance

Loaded with glowy ultrasonic sensor with IIC interface, TurboPi can detect and avoid obstacle without occupying Raspberry Pi CPU.

6) Product Structure

① Hard Aluminium Alloy Chassis

It protects the core control board from shattering and shocking and can bear bigger load!

② High Performance Pan Tilt Servo

2DOF pan tilt is equipped with micro anti-blocking servo which has higher accuracy and longer service life.

③ HD 120° Wide Angle Camera

Loaded with 120° wide-angle camera, TurboPi can look around 180°, and up and down 180°. Combined with mecanum chassis car, its visual range is up to 360°.

④ 4-channel Line Follower

4-channel line follower with IIC interface enables TurboPi to detect black line without occupying Raspberry Pi CPU.

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