Hiwonder MaxArm Open Source Robot Arm Powered by ESP32 Support Python and Arduino Programming Inverse Kinematics Learning (Standard Kit)

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  • Powered by ESP32 microcontroller
  • Linkage mechanism for better inverse kinematics learning
  • Compatible with Hiwonder sensors for implementing different tasks
  • Worked with the sliding rail to simulate industrial scenario
  • Note: MaxArm starter kit only inclues robot arm; Standard Kit includes sensor kit; Adavcned kit includes sensors kit and AI vision; Developer kit inludes sensor kit, AI vision and sliding rail.


Tutorial link for MaxArm: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wi-O2ia-izYWM979iByIws6S4LRe7LKI?usp=sharing

If you want to get the Starter Kit including robot arm only, please check this link: https://www.robotshop.com/en/hiwonder-maxarm-open-source-robot-arm-powered-by-esp32-support-python-arduino-programming-inverse-kinematics-learning-starter-kit.html

If you want to get the Advanced Kit including sensor kit and AI vision, please check this link: https://www.robotshop.com/en/hiwonder-maxarm-open-source-robot-arm-powered-by-esp32-support-python-arduino-programming-inverse-kinematics-learning-advanced-kit.html



MaxArm is an open-source robotic arm powered by ESP32 microcontroller. The linkage mechanism designed body are equipped with high-quality bus servos and suction nozzle. Using inverse kinematics technology, MaxArm can execute variety of tasks such as object sorting, picking, transporting and stacking.

Supporting Python and Arduino programming and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communications, MaxArm can also be controlled by APP, PC software, wireless remote controller and mouse control. It also supports variety of sensors to turn your creative AI ideas into reality!

1) Linkage Mechanism Improves Efficiency —— Using the linkage mechanism designed body, MaxArm greatly improves its joints efficiency so as to allow the end effector move along x-y-z axes.

2) Compact Structural Design —— Made from hard aluminium alloy and carbon fiber for high quality. The metal bearings for smoother and more accurate joint movement. Compact design gets the body small and flexible.


Inverse Kinematics Algorithm, Free Adjustment:

1) Provide Linkage Coordinate System Diagram —— Based on ESP32 development platform, the inverse kinematics analysis and DH model of MaxArm are available, which allows you to deeply comprehend the working principle of MaxArm.

2) Linkage Inversion Solution, Easy Control —— By inputting the coordinate of the end effector, Inverse kinematics can calculate the angle of each servo to facilitate the action debugging. (Provide the function source code of inverse kinematics)


Sensors Expansion, to Create More Possibilities:

Compatible with glowing ultrasonic sensor, infrared sensor, color sensor, touch sensor and other electronic modules, MaxArm converts more creative ideas into reality!

① Ultrasonic Detection and Stacking —— With ultrasonic sensor, MaxArm can perform intelligent stacking after detecting the blocks.

② Touch Detection and Placement—— With touch sensor, MaxArm can detect the touch action and place the blocks.

③ Color Sorting —— With color sensor, MaxArm can recognize and sort the target color.

④ Intelligent Sound Control—— With sound sensor, MaxArm can place the blocks in the corresponding position by recognizing the number of knocks.

Sliding Rail Extension:

Through the reserved holes in the base, MaxArm can be easily assembled on the sliding rail. It can perform block picking and transporting to simulate industrial application scenarios.


ESP32 Open-source Controller:

ESP32 open-source controller consists of an ESP32 core board and multi-functional extension board. In addition to servo interfaces, it is also equipped with buzzer, LED, USB interfaces and other electronic components. Multiple expansion interfaces are lead out, so that users can directly connect other sensors and execution modules for secondary development. Supporting WiFi and Bluetooth, ESP32 core board is convenient for users to develop the application of wireless data transmission.

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