Yahboom Dogzilla S1 12dof Visual AI Desktop Quadruped Bionic Robot Dog For Raspberry Pi 4b (w/o Raspberry Pi Board)[Only English manual]

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  • 12DOF Quadruped Desktop Robot Dog
  • Support Python programming and RVIZ, GAZEBO simulation
  • Capable of gait planning and multi-pose motion overlay
  • Rich tutorial materials to help advanced development of DOGZILLA S1
  • The finished product is shipped, no complicated assembly required

DOGZILLA S1 is a 12DOF visual AI robot dog. It consists of 12 servos, an aluminum alloy bracket and a camera.The fuselage is flexible and maneuverable, not only can flexibly complete a series of bionic actions, but also realize omni-directional movement and six-dimensional attitude control. DOGZILLA S1 is equipped with a 9-axis IMU and a steering gear angle sensor, which can Real-time feedback of its own posture, joint angle and torque.Based on these feedback data, the co-processor combines inverse kinematics algorithm to realize a variety of motion gaits. Equipped with Raspberry Pi 4B main control, through Python programming, combined with the camera, achieve various AI visual recognition functions through Python programming.ROS developers can also use DOGZILLA S1 to complete RVIZ and GAZEBO simulations. Besides, ample tutorials and open-source codes will help you quickly get started!

♢Realistic Bionic Appearance

DOGZILLA S1 is equipped with 12 high-performance servo servos, andmultiple aluminum alloy structural parts are connected to form three joints of elbow, shoulder and hip on each leg, which truly restores the posture of quadruped animals.

♢Gait Planning, Free Adjustmen

For different application scenarios, by adjusting touchdown time, lift time and lifted height of each leg as well as the speed of switching front legs and hind legs.functions such as such as obstacle crossing, walking, creeping forward, and omni-directional movement .

♢The posture is supple and the movement is flexible

DOGZIILA can also show different postures while walking,Height, pace range, step, walking speed, and inclination can be adjusted freely.

♢Inverse kinematics, fast and precise control

Through the upper computer inputting the target position coordinate value to the coordinate system of each leg of the robot dog, the robot dog can calculate each joint angle and generate the motion contour. Accurately move from the initial position to the target position

♢AI Vision, Unlimited Creativity

A variety of AI visual functions such as color recognition, obstacle crossing, visual tracking and QR code recognition are easily realized.

♢Cross-platform remote control

Support iOS/Android APP, handle and PC control.You can control DOGZILLA remotely, which is convenient and practical.

♢ Finished product delivery

Most of the structural parts of DOGZILLA S1 are assembled before leaving the factory. After receiving the goods, users only need to connect the board and install the upper cover to use.

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