LeddarTech M16 Sensing LiDAR Module (95° Beam)

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  • M16 multi-eliment sensing module
  • 95° Beam
  • Leddar™ (Light-Emitting Diode Detection and Ranging) technology
  • Interface: USB, RS-485, CAN, UART
  • Detection range: 0 to 25 meters on natural targets (50m on reflective targets)
  • Compatible with LeddarTech Leddar M16 Cables, Connector & Power Supply

The LeddarTech Leddar M16 Sensing Module (95° Beam) can be integrated into any detection and ranging system, enabling developers and integrators to make the most of Leddar™ technology with unmatched flexibility thanks to its compact size and low weight, ease of integration, low power consumption, and high reliability. Combining multiple independent active elements, in this case 16, into a single sensor, Leddar™ provides continuous rapid and accurate detection and ranging - including lateral discrimination - in the entire wide beam, without any moving parts.

Discover Leddar™ Technology
Leddar™ (Light-Emitting Diode Detection and Ranging) is a unique detection and ranging technology that performs time-of-flight measurement using pulses from infrared LEDs. The diffused light beam, processed through innovative algorithms, allows for the detection of a wide range of objects under various environmental conditions.

LeddarTech M16 Sensing LiDAR Module (95° Beam)

A 3.81 mm x 8 pin male header is provided for interfacing through a cable harness or terminal block.

A USB "Mini-B" connector is also provided for use with the Leddar™ Software Development Kit, and a 2 x 20, 0.050" header is provided for custom expansion. Please 

The module can be mounted from the back with 6 M3 machine screws.

Leddar™ Receiver Assembly
The Leddar™ receiver includes 16 independent segments with simultaneous acquisition capabilities.

The Leddar™ Source and Control Assembly
The Leddar™ source and control assembly includes IR LED emitters with dominant wavelength of 940nm and incorporates the processing and I/O for the targeted applications in additions the beam of the source and control assembly is matched with the Leddar™ receiver assembly.

LeddarTech M16 Sensing LiDAR Module (95° Beam)




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