Hiwonder WonderCam AI Vision Camera Robot Visual Module

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  • Built-in high definition screen
  • Dedicated AI Chip Faster Response
  • Compatible with Lego blocks
  • Available for Hiwonder Microbot robot car
  • Supports micro:bit, Raspberry Pi, ESP32 and Arduino platforms

WonderCam is a user-friendly AI vision module with eight built-in functions, which makes learning AI fun and easy to comprehend. With 1-click Training feature, it can readily program many creative AI vision projects.

WonderCam IIC connector works seamlessly with many global leading controllers like micro:bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc.

Facial Recognition: WonderCam detects face and identifies if it matches according to conditions and image on its display. The controller performs facial detection, recognition, tracking etc program from the image presented, position and size.

Image Classification: Using pre-trained MobileNet models, WonderCam can classify image captured. Preinstalled with 12 images at factory default, user can easily create project such as Wast Sorting Management System.

Feature Learning: Record image unique features and compare with real-time image captures by WonderCam to measure degree of similarities, changes of the image or even to do simple classifications.

Color Recognition: Recognize colors and frame the identified colors on its display. Providing data information on the image position, size etc. User can program color detected, tracking of color etc.

Visual Line Following: Detect lines captured in the Visual Line Following feature selection. Through 12C connections, controller received data such as line position, deviation, angulation etc to maneuver the robot movement.

Tag Recognition (AprilTag): Detects AprilTag and display the image in frame. Through 12C connection, the connected external controller can computes the precise 3D position, orientation and identity of the tags relative to the camera.

Landmark Recognition: Using the programmed Landmark recognition model to recognize the picture and present the corresponding ID number on display.

Number Recognition: In this mode, WonderCam recognizes the picture and present corresponding number on the display. Number templates are provided in the kit.

Dedicated AI Chip Faster Response: WonderCam is powered by the latest Kendryte K210 chip RISC-V Dual Core 64bit processor. Its powerful visual and semantic recognition speed is more than 1000 times faster tan STM32H743. WonderCam delivers the result by more than 30 times faster.

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