Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot + Elongated Seat Kit

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  • Never clean dirty, germy toilets again. Plug and Play Giddel and walk away. Giddel, the First Toilet Cleaning Robot in the World, won the TWICE Picks Award at CES 2018.
  • Giddel is portable and cleans all the toilets in your home. Giddel scrubs all hard to reach places: the rim top, inner rim, under the rim, the entire toilet bowl down to the exit.
  • Giddel has an antimicrobial body and is suspended over the toilet when in use, never contacting the toilet except for the brush, so Giddel stays hygienic.
  • Giddel is a great gift and aide for busy professionals, moms with young kids, small business owners, seniors, veterans, those with physical mobility or digestive disorders and the immunocompromised.
  • Waterproof internal electrical components. Rechargeable. One time easy installation. Free Elongated Seat. If you have a round seat, visit the listing that supplies Giddel with a round seat.

Giddel is The World's First Toilet Cleaning Robot. Giddel is portable and cleans multiple round and elongated toilets in North America. Plug & Play with the press of a button. Giddel cleans systematically from the top of the rim, the inner rim, under the rim and the entire bowl while being suspended over the toilet in a hygienic antimicrobial body. Giddel comes with a free toilet seat. Winner of TWICE Picks Award, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018.

Giddel is a great aide for seniors, when toilet cleaning becomes difficult due to back, knee, ankle, neck pain and injuries. Various health conditions can cause chronic or persistent diarrhea which require a higher toilet cleaning frequency than janitorial services can provide. Some diarrhea inducing conditions include crohn's disease, colitis, celiac disease, gastroenteritis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, diverticulosis, infections, chronic kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, colorectal cancer, chronic pancreatitis, various medications and their long-term use, allergies, lactose intolerance, chemotherapy, and abdominal surgery.

Giddel takes the stress away from the human by cleaning the toilet as many times as needed. Giddel also prevents human contact with potentially infectious toilets (e.g. norovirus on toilets can be infectious). Save labor costs, worker disgust and improve the quality of life of everyone concerned by automating toilet cleaning with Giddel. Giddel makes for a great gift on any occasion.

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