ATEAGO F1 Food delivery robot

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  • Precise auto-navigation based on SLAM
  • Long power life
  • Opened platform for further development
  • Auto-recharge
  • Online management platform

It is applied to the food and beverage distribution work in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other places. Draw a map through the robot's navigation and positioning system, match the on-site environment and formulate the optimal route.

The food delivery robot can efficiently and accurately deliver automatically according to the position of the table, and has the functions of intelligent prompting of the plate, autonomous charging, and running status reminder.

Customize the position of the charging station. When the power is lower than the minimum value, it will automatically return to charging without manual operation.

- Real-time power monitoring

- 10~12 hours long battery life

- Infrared docking charging pile

- Precise navigation and positioning

Through the cloud service platform, the robot is connected and controlled remotely, and the navigation map is constructed visually throughout the process, reducing the response time of operation and maintenance services, allowing the robot to be put into use in a shorter time, saving time and cost.

- Operational data monitoring

- Build a map remotely

- Custom calibration position

- Autonomous planning path


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