6 DOF XYZRobot Robotic Arm /w Wheels

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  • Quick to assemble and requires no soldering
  • Create your own code to communicate with the arm
  • Capable of advanced kinematics positioning control
  • Experiment with robotics and animatronics
  • Includes motion/motor editor programming software
  • Includes platform with wheels

Inspire your imagination and creativity with the 6 DOF XYZRobot Robotic Arm /w Wheels. Build robotic skills with mechanical assembly and learning while developing logical thinking and problem solving skills. This arm also lets you engage with the Arduino Programming knowledge.

6 DOF XYZRobot Robotic Arm /w Wheels- Click to Enlarge

This arm is great for handling parts or tools at various angles and positions. It is a six axis robot arm and can perform a wide variety of motion including move forward and back, up and down, and can yaw, pitch, and roll to offer more directional control.

6 DOF XYZRobot Robotic Arm /w Wheels- Click to Enlarge

The six axis robots with wheels can rotate parts with its gripper and allows for greater flexibility and moving objects to any point. This provides more fun and more variability in operation and programming. It is great at reaching in and around objects, and more complicated route designing.

6 DOF XYZRobot Robotic Arm /w Wheels- Click to Enlarge

Convenient operation

The software does not require in-depth programming knowledge. Make your Robotic Arm move around and control it by your SmartPhone/Tablet.

  • Four programmable buttons
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE remote control by the joystick (use the pre-programmed controls or create your own)

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