Matter3D Performance PLA - Grey - 1.75mm - 1kg

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  • Engineered for high-heat and high-strength applications
  • Greater heat resistance and impact strength compared to traditional PLA
  • Compatible with a wide range of desktop 3D printers
  • FDA approved for food and beverage use
  • Made in Canada with precision extrusion

Matter3D’s Performance PLA is FDA approved for food and beverage use, and is manufactured from pure NatureWorks 3D850 resin. This engineering-grade PLA has higher bulk crystallization and is developed for high-heat (< 85 °C) and high-strength applications (stronger than most ABS materials). Performance PLA is ideal for functional jobs, where greater heat resistance and impact strength are desired. Compared to traditional PLA materials, Matter3D’s Performance PLA offers the ease of traditional PLA printing without sacrificing print quality, compatibility, reliability, or part-performance.

1x Grey - 1.75mm Matter3D Performance PLA Filament Spool (1 kg)

Diameter: 1.75 +/- 0.05 mm

Weight: 1 kg

Length: 335 m

Density: 1.24 g/cc

Nozzle Size: ≥ 0.15 mm

Nozzle Temp: 225 – 260 °C

Bed Temp: 25 – 75 °C

Bed Prep: Hairspray, Glue Stick, Polyimide (Kapton) surface

Layer Height: ≥ 0.1 mm

Print Speed: ≤ 100 mm/sec

Fan speed: 0 – 30%

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